10 Reasons Network Care will make this the Best Year Yet!

After being in practice for 17 years, I now know that when we reorganize our nervous system, the thoughts we think change, the words we say change, and our experience of ourselves and our lives is different.

We are three weeks into and the year and I am wondering if you are implementing your New Years resolutions and making the changes you are so ready for.

We often make New Years resolutions, work on them for a few weeks and then go back to the old habit or pattern.

Network Care supports you to transform the habits and patterns that are not in alignment with the best version of you into ones that are!

Here are 10 Reasons Why Network Care is Your BEST New Year’s Resolution and will assist you to make 2017 your BEST YEAR YET! 

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Reason 1. Network Care helps the frontal lobe of the brain (which is the part of the brain that says “eat well, exercise and embrace new behaviors that will support you in your health) become activated so you can EFFORTLESSLY make those changes that you are SO READY to make!

Reason 2. Network Care can finally help you understand what your pain or symptom is trying to tell you so it can resolve and you can start to see it is as a gift and not something to get rid of!

Reason 3. Network Care teaches your body evolved strategies in the form of waves to help your body actually use the stress in your life to self adjust and self correct, helping you move through life with more ease and relaxation!

Reason 4. Network Care helps the posture move from that of defense, or fight or flight, into that of ease, creating more confidence and ability to move in your life according to what you are truly passionate about, and start living the life you desire!

Reason 5. Network Care helps unwind trauma in the heart space, opening and expanding your heart so you can connect more with how you want to live your life according to your soul and not cultural conditioning. It is a new year and is time for all of us to be living our true purpose and to be giving our gifts as fully as we can!

Reason 6. Network Care helps you transform all of those old thoughts, stories, and patterns that are not serving you anymore into new thoughts and patterns that are more aligned with who you are in this new moment!

Reason 7. Network Care helps us to connect with the gratitude for all of the beauty and magnificence that we are and that is always around us. We all need a little more of that at the start of a new year!

Reason 8. Network Care helps the nervous system reorganize at such a high level so that optimal life force can flow through your body so that you can have the energy you need to do all the things you want to do in your life!

Reason 9. Network Care helps you connect with emotions that you have been disconnected from so you can be more whole and able to embrace and accept all parts of yourself!

Reason 10. Studies done at UC Medical School in Irvine, CA show that the longer one is under Network Care, the greater their level of health and wellness is with no ceiling. It just keeps getting better and better!

In 2017 here’s to YOU showing up for yourself in your life more powerfully than ever before. To you feeling more free and flexible in your body than you ever thought possible. To you waking up each morning and saying a huge YES to life. To you living your dreams and feeling more energy and passion running through your veins than ever before. Here’s to you!

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