3 Keys to Ultimate Alignment

Are you ready to feel amazing in your body and make more money, doing what you love?

These days, I am all about freedom.

Freedom in my body, freedom with finances and freedom to live my life in a way that absolutely lights me up. For way too long I lived in survival mode with pain and symptoms in my body, unable to travel or do the things that I am really passionate about. I woke up one day knowing something had to change.

I made a decision to finally step into the best version myself and claim my physical and financial freedom, give my gifts more fully than ever before, and start living an extraordinary life.

In working with women for the past 16 years as a chiropractor and coach, I have seen that so many live the way that I did and don’t have the tools to get from where they are to where they want to be. Nothing excites me more these days than supporting women to take their power back and claim lives that they are wild and crazy about. All it takes is making a decision and implementing daily systems and habits.


Want the inside scoop about some of my most valuable and transformative systems and habits?

Come to my free call, 3 Keys to Living in Ultimate Alignment and Having a Body and Bank Account That You Love on Monday, September 28th at 10am PT!


During this call you will learn how to start hearing the message that your pain is trying to tell you so you can make the changes in your life that you know you are ready for. Pain is always the wake up call that something needs to change and that your soul is longing to move from ordinary to extraordinary.

On this call I will be sharing…

My #1 tool to gain the wisdom from your pain so that you can begin to understand that your body is your biggest guide and advocate for you living the life that you truly desire to be living.

My #1 tool for making the money you desire. When we play small in life and are not giving our gifts fully, doing what we love, we don’t make the level of money that we deserve or desire.

I will also be sharing how I create my life with as much effortlessness, fun, and power as possible by staying in my authentic feminine essence.

Join me for this call on Monday September 28th @ 10am PT.

We are so conditioned to move like men when creating our lives. Painting the picture of our lives is so much more energizing when we do it as the feminine beings that we are.


If you are ready to up level your life in all areas and move from being stuck to experiencing more passion, vitality and freedom…. DON’T MISS THIS CALL!


My work with Erin has been completely life changing. Through her modules, recommended reading, and deep presence Erin has supported me in launching a business that I absolutely love. Erin helped me get really clear on my passion and life’s work and was a fierce advocate in encouraging me to stay connected to my TRUTH. Her wisdom, guidance, and support helped me shift many life perceptions and habits of mind that were not serving me and I now feel in Ultimate Alignment.”

– Meredith

Coaching with Dr. Erin has been a blessing to witness a chiropractor doing many of the things I’ve envisioned for myself.  She’s been a role model, teacher, and guide for me to discover wounds and places within myself that needed healing, as well as how this state of being was siphoning off my creative energy.  I’ve been stuck in survival mode for so long, that not only did I not have energy for healing or creating, my perception was stuck in the old stories that I was replaying, over, and over again.  I could observe myself intellectually, however, the old patterns required a depth of reorganization that I could not do alone.  Although, still in my journey, I feel greater freedom and knowingness that all my heart’s desires are possible, and dreams can be renewed.  With Dr. Erin’s support as a gifted healer and coach, I now have access to more tools and shifts in consciousness to do the inner work that supports the outer shifts.  I know I can change the old stories and recreate a new one at any time (or as many times necessary) to be in alignment within myself and with the creation of my ultimate dream practice and dream life!”

– Cheryl Berry, D.C.