This is crucial for success & freedom…

If I could download one key for success and freedom, it would be what I am sharing here…

We must know how to live from the Season of Integrate if we want limitless success and freedom.

Becoming aware of, acknowledging and accepting where you are is the first step. And then bringing in more of what you need is magic!!

For example, if you are in pure Transform and are creating all day long and doing whatever it takes to make your goals and desires non-negotiables, chances are you will get burned out. So, as we spoke about last week, bringing in more Awaken will fuel the Transform so that it is sustainable.

If you are in pure Awaken and are feeling so grateful and connected to everything and are purely being, chances are you won’t accomplish very much. Bringing in Transform here may be what’s called for in order for you to experience progress and create more of what you desire in your life.

If you are suffering and feeling alone and like it’s never going to end, bringing in Awaken can support you to know that even this too is a gift so that it doesn’t paralyze you.

Integration is the key!

One of the ways that I support women to do this is by teaching them the Stages of Healing (which involves focused breath, movement, and touch) that correspond to the Seasons of Well-Being. This is a crucial tool for you to have in your toolbox. You can do these exercises just about anywhere and it only takes a minute to be with what is and then shift the energy.

This practice also helps you gain the wisdom from your pain so that you can finally feel incredible in your body and stop settling in any way, whether that’s around health, money, career, or relationships!

Over the past 17 years of working with women as a chiropractor and coach I have seen lives change in profound ways as a result of using this tool.

If you want to learn the 12 Stages of Healing and have this tool in your toolbox as a crucial resource contact me and let me know so we can get you set up with this invaluable tools.

Having daily rituals that support you in connecting with each Season is also critical in experiencing the level of success and freedom that you desire!

I begin every day with the 15 Minutes to Change Your Life Meditation. Click here to receive this meditation as part of my “3 Keys to Living in Ultimate Alignment” free audio training. 

I have done a version of this meditation each morning for years and has literally changed my life. It takes making the choice to live in creation mode every day to really make your dreams a reality!

Creating your best life requires implementing systems that support you on a daily basis to continue living from a place of creation.

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