Is your body begging you for a new money story?

In my last post I shared a video where I discussed the Season of Transform (click here to watch the video).

In order to experience true progress in life we MUST be able to harness the energy of the Season of Transform!

Before we move on to the Season of Awaken, I want to address a hugely important area in which harnessing Transform is critical in creating an extraordinary life…

Money and Financial Freedom.

To be truly free and able to live your fullest potential, you must have a healthy relationship with money.

I see so many women living in survival mode and being in constant fear and worry around money.

It so doesn’t have to be this way!

It is possible to have a fun, energized and exciting relationship with money. One in which you feel held and supported and have such a deep level of trust that money endlessly and abundantly moves to and through you.

It gets me so fired up to support women in transforming their relationship with money. The thing that gets me most excited is seeing how their bodies relax and symptoms begin to clear up as they experience the freedom that is possible around money.

Being financially free doesn’t mean having millions in the bank. It means knowing that you always have enough money for your deepest heart desires and that you are part of a continual cycle of giving and receiving.

When you love money and you know that money loves you, you can have as much of it as you desire in order to experience more life and have a greater impact in the world.

It’s time for you to take your power back around money!

Remember, powerful women make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Make the choice NOW to make a shift in this part of your life.

I wanted to share with you the Money Mantra I use daily and that has assisted me to change my life in magical and profound ways.

Receive the Money Mantra as a part of my 4 Daily Rituals for Radical Radiance.

If you find yourself needing support to transform your relationship with money then let’s have a potentially life changing conversation!

Season of Discover

Did you miss the video on the Season of Discover? Click here to watch it now.

Season of Transform

Did you miss the video on the Season of Transform? Click here to watch it now.

One Spot Remaining ~ Is this for You?

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We ALL need support to truly experience the Season of Transform. You are not meant to do this alone.

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Receive my 4 Daily Rituals for Radical Radiance, including the money mantra I use daily!