How to transform your finances!

Let’s discuss how to transform your finances and your relationship with money!

Many of my clients ask me why they have had such a hard time creating the financial support that they desire.

I tell them to look at the words they say, the thoughts they think and the beliefs that they have around money.

How many times a week (or even a day!) do you think or express negative or limiting thoughts around money or your financial situation? Read More


Healing Myth #5

I invite you to take the time to read and contemplate the below excerpt from Donny Epstein’s book “Healing Myths, Healing Magic” that relates to Healing Myth #5.

This is essential to the healing journey we take in Network Care. Read More


How would you feel if…

One of the main things I work on with my clients is supporting them to do what they love. Why? Because so many women are settling for careers, relationships and lives that they don’t even like, let alone love!

Most of the women that I work with did not have careers or jobs that they absolutely were in love with. They felt unsupported and were doing it all… the cooking, the cleaning, taking care of the kids, working, and had little or no time left over to do the things that they are truly passionate about.

News flash… It is 2017 and we live in a culture in which ANYTHING is possible!

The only one who puts limits on what you can do, how good you can feel and how much money you can make is you.

Do what you love!   Read More


Healing Myth #4

In my 18 years of practice, I’ve seen many people that have held the belief that healing is “hard work”.

Let’s address Healing Myth #4 from Donny Epstein’s book “Healing Myths, Healing Magic” 

Healing Myth #4: Healing takes a lot of work and requires full commitment.

In Healing Myths, Healing Magic Donny shares:

Healing, in fact, is easy and effortless. Of course, if we try to use the intellect to gain control of the healing process, it does require work and full commitment. Healing does not reside in the domain of the intellect; healing is a natural and spontaneous part of life.

We need to remember that becoming ill is what really takes work. The average person spends most of her energy trying to avoid the inevitable change. Generally speaking it takes more energy to resist the changes in our life than to surrender to them. Life is meant to be fully experienced. Instead of expending our energy to resits life, we need to fully experience it.

The healing power within us knows that it wants and needs. Change naturally occurs in the bodymind as an aspect of its adaptive process. Only when we resist or fear change does a change required by our bodymind involve work for our personality. In healing the main work is to surrender the urge of our intellect to control life, and to detach from a special outcome. By surrendering to the natural rhythm and flow of life, we step into natural rhythm and flow of healing.”

I am continually inspired by the healing magic we each have within us. As we change our beliefs around Healing we can uncover the Healing Magic within. Read More


Our bodies have such deep wisdom

I often discuss how your pain has a purpose and the moment you really get this, your life will change. I recently shared an exercise to help you learn to be with your pain in a new way.

It continues to blow me away how when a person gets clear on what they TRULY desire and makes that a non-negotiable, the pain in their body shifts! Read More