Our bodies have such deep wisdom

I often discuss how your pain has a purpose and the moment you really get this, your life will change. I recently shared an exercise to help you learn to be with your pain in a new way.

It continues to blow me away how when a person gets clear on what they TRULY desire and makes that a non-negotiable, the pain in their body shifts!

Take Judy for example.

She came in with hip pain, was working a job that she really didn’t love, had an uninspiring relationship with money, and desired to give her gifts more fully to the world, through doing a job that she absolutely loved.

In the first session she made the commitment to ONLY do what she feels totally inspired and passionate about, and quit her job.

In the second session, she decided to create a job in which she is in her Zone of Genius. (If you haven’t read the Big Leap yet, PLEASE do.)

In her third session, her pain was WORSE! What?!?!

By now we all know that the gift of pain is to remind us that something is out of alignment. So, we went into the pain, asked and listened.

And what Judy heard was “I don’t really want to work right now! I just want to take a break and relax.”

As a result of the work we did around her getting clear about her finances and energizing her relationship with money, she realized that she actually could take a some time off after working for so many years.

So this is what she decided to do. Relax, surrender, and just BE for a period of time.

I guess her body liked that idea because her pain completely went away after that session.

I am so grateful to Dr. Erin with her gifts of compassion, insight, transformative healing abilities and for showing me new ways of listening to my body and trusting my inner wisdom. Recently I was experiencing pain in my right hip. I tried several different healing modalities which eased the pain but the discomfort just kept returning and escalating. During a coaching session with Dr. Erin she guided and  supported me with gentleness and strong focused attention in locating the deepest source of my problem. I was able to identify lifestyle choices I was living that didn’t serve me anymore and discovered I was holding these challenges in my body. Through SRI Somatic Respiratory Integration using attention, breath, movement and touch and Dr. Erin’s guidance these patterns shifted and immediately I felt a sense of relief in my body as well as my state of consciousness. The next day the pain I was holding onto was completely gone and I felt a sense of surrender, peace and a deeper trust within my body-mind relationship then I’ve ever known before. I feel so fortunate to be supported by Dr. Erin and have access to these empowering tools that I can use when needed. I’m so happy to experience an expansion and aliveness I’m loving, while having full range of movement and flexibility to do the things that really light me up!” ~ Judy

There is nothing that makes me happier and more excited than helping people connect to the message that their pain is trying to tell them.

Learn my 4 Daily Rituals to help you uncover the gifts held within your pain. Practice this and your life will change!

Our bodies have such deep wisdom. And pain is ALWAYS a wake-up call that we need to stop, pay attention and do something different.