“15 minutes to Change your Life” Meditation

Are you living in survival or creation mode?

Being creative requires implementing systems into your life that support you on a daily basis to continue living from a place of creation.

For over 11 months now I have been doing the “15 minutes to Change your Life Meditation”.

This 15 minute meditation is one that I have done a version of each morning for years and has literally changed my life. It takes making the choice to live in creation mode every day to really make it happen. This specific one I learned from Vishen Lakhiani.

The “15 minutes to Change your Life Meditation”.

1. Connection

Feel a white light of love and compassion come down through the top of your head and wash over your whole body, radiating out into the room, neighborhood, city, state, country and whole world. Feel your connection with everything and revel in that.

2. Gratitude

Think of 5 things that you are grateful for personally and 5 things professionally. Let this gratitude fill your whole body.

3. Forgiveness

Think about someone who has hurt you and see yourself looking into their eyes and forgiving them and ask them for their forgiveness. See the pain dissolve as you remember that there really is no separation between you.

4. Vision

Visualize your life in 3 years. Most people underestimate what can happen in 3 years, so vision big! See yourself however you desire to be in the areas of abundance, relationships, and health.

5. Setting Intentions

Visualize how your upcoming day will be. See yourself in all parts of your day exactly as you desire it to go, ending with you in bed so grateful for an incredible day.

6. Receiving a blessing

See yourself receiving a blessing from a higher power and remember how loved and supported you are.

Do this every day for 30 days and I guarantee your life will change!

When we focus on all of the amazing things in our life, we get more of them.

Why put a cap on how good it can get?

What has happened in my life as a result of this daily practice is magnificent! I attract magic to me daily in the form of people, money, opportunity, support, and healing.

It wasn’t until I got the support I needed to help me clearly map out what I truly desired as far as work, money, health, and relationship, and then implementing daily systems and habits, that the magic really started to flow.

We are not meant to do this alone.

Are YOU ready to get the support that you need to turn your dreams into a reality and be more open to this magic that is always available to you?

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