Join us for 8 transformative days in Paradise!

I am so excited to be going back to my land in Costa Rica in November! 

I will be there from November 19th through the 29th and will be out of the office during that time.

As many of you know, we just acquired another piece of property adjacent to the property that we already are so blessed to be the stewards of.

This new piece has a view of the ocean and is asking for something extraordinary to happen on it. I am going to meet my father down there so we can be with the land and start to vision what wants to be created there!

While I am there, I will also be preparing for our upcoming Grateful Heart Network and Yoga Retreat that is happening from the 15th to the 23rd of February.

I will be doing yoga in our new yoga pavilion, getting adjusted in the ranchito that overlooks the epic vista view, and will be getting all of the spaces ready for the retreat.


I will be meeting with the local women in the village near our land to talk about the amazing food they will be preparing.

One of the things that I loved about the retreat that took place last February was that the food was so lovingly prepared by our friends and neighbors that are right down the road from us. They came every day to bring us the food and got to spend time with us which created a much more authentic Costa Rican experience.

I will also be making sure that we have everything we need to make all who attend the retreat feel so taken care of and at home. I am such an attention to detail person and my intention is to create a space in which deep healing, relaxation, and opening can occur.

Experiencing the magic and medicine of this land and Costa Rica (which is said to be the happiest country in the world!) will truly change you in ways that you can’t even imagine.

Come be in community and feel the power of the WE. When we focus on the “I” we are “ill” and when we focus on the “WE” we are “Well”. In this I focused culture we can all use some more WE, which is where so much of the power of these retreats come from.

Come discover parts of yourself that you have not been connected with for way too long, transform anything that is holding you back from showing up in your life with as much passion as possible and awaken to the grace, support and effortlessness of being that is always available to you!Join us for 8 transformative days in Costa Rica!


Call Dr. Erin at 541-701-9174 or email at dr.erin@soulwavechiropractic.com for more information or to register.

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Check out the land, the magnificent views, and photos from last years retreat here.