Join me in Paradise this March!

Discover, Transform and Awaken in paradise… what could be better than this??

Click here to join me for the Embodied Awakening Retreat in Costa Rica this March.

Just imagine….

You, waking up, lifting your head and seeing the most exquisite and breath taking views of lush green mountains, only hearing the sounds of birds and jungle animals welcoming you to the day. Getting Spinal Entrainments and doing yoga, while having the biggest mountain in Costa Rica beaming down on you, sharing with you it’s medicine….

Jumping into crystal clear emerald green waters, feeling renewed, cleansed, purified and energized. Watching the sky turn from blues to golds to pinks as the sun disappears below the horizon as you splash around in the waves like a little kid, laughing about how amazing your life is…

These retreats are so magical. The depth of healing and transformation that is able to happen while here is due to the small intimate group experience, the exquisite nature that holds the participants, and the incredible combination of Network Chiropractic Care, Vinyasa Yoga, and meditation.

Isn’t it time to receive the magic of this incredible life, be spontaneous and adventurous and give yourself this gift that will in turn help you give your gifts more freely to others?

If you are feeling the juice to join us for this extraordinary experience then now is the time to contact me to learn more and reserve your space at the special early bird rate.

Say YES to…

A life changing retreat. Take a stellar location with beautiful and comfortable accommodations, throw in incredible people, offer unique and powerful network chiropractic entrainments, add (aerial) yoga, ecstatic/tantric dance and nourishing food. Wrap it all up with the sparkly, shiny bow that is Dr. Erin Pollinger and it all adds up to be a remarkable, ground breaking, life altering, soul shaking experience you will never, ever forget. Do yourself the biggest favor and sign up for this week of pura vida amazingness !” ~ Sharon

You deserve to take a week off to nourish your Body, Mind and Soul! 

There is still time to join us for this life changing retreat.

Click here to contact me for more details and to reserve your space.

The land of Tierra Sagrada de Costa Rica is so sacred. Just being there allows the transformation and awakening to happen and truly changes those who come to these retreats.

Click here to learn more about this amazing retreat center and see our photo gallery from our previous retreats.