EVERY Woman Needs to Have This Experience!!

This post is for all my ladies!

Ok, I am going to be blunt here. If you have not done this workshop yet, you need to.

After co-leading The Wave of Feminine Beauty over 10 times now, I can confidently say that every woman needs to have this experience!

Learning to move from my center and my womb continues to be one of the most powerful and transformational practices that I have in my life.

It has truly changed me just as much as getting involved with Network Care has. So having a whole weekend of these 2 amazing bodies of work woven together…HOLY MOLY AWESOME!!!

I really had no idea what it meant to move from my feminine essence before I found this practice. I always thought I was feminine, but was really moving mostly from my masculine, with some false feminine shells trying to mask this.

I was exhausted, sick, broke and so bored of all of it.


When I learned how to tap into The Wave of Feminine Beauty, that is always available to us, my whole life changed. I reconnected to the energy, support, and abundance of health and wealth that is our absolute birthright.

I learned how to follow my pleasure and let that guide my every step.

Are you ready to live from your Feminine Essence?

Our intention for every Wave Workshop that we do is to set an impeccable container for true sisterhood (most women have no idea what this really means!) and allowing yourself to be seen in a way that you probably never have before.

During this workshop you will discover how past wounds may be preventing you from moving from your feminine core and finally be able to bring the light into these dark places so they don’t run you anymore.

You will learn how to harness your feminine power so you can claim your passion and courage to take your life back and create it exactly how you desire it to be at the beginning of the New Year.

You will tap into your ability to trust, surrender, and magnetize magic and miracles into your life every day.

Ladies, please give yourself this gift that you will have as a resource for the rest of your life.

Join us for this transformational workshop!

The Wave of Feminine Beauty brought me to a place deeper within than I have ever consciously been. I wished for a practice that would take me to the core of my grace, rawness, and primal wisdom as a woman, and this was IT. Thank you!” ~ Stephanie Bridwell, D.C.

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Sending love to you all,

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