From struggle to freedom! Every woman must know this…

Some people have said to me, “You are a chiropractor! Why are you coaching women on being financially free?  What does this have to do with being in pain?”

Well, I’ll tell you…

After being in survival mode for so long and finally healing my relationship with money, many things have changed in my life.

First and foremost, my symptoms of 8 years resolved and I feel better in my body than ever before.  This is huge.  In the 16 years I have been in practice I have seen a direct correlation between financial struggle and chronic pain.

Second, I have so much more ENERGY!  This is what Chiropractic is all about…  Increasing the life force and energy that moves through your body so you can express your greatest potential.

Money is simply energy.

It is meant to move to and through us endlessly and abundantly, if we do the work to be open channels for that to happen.  We are meant to enjoy our relationships with money, feel supported by money and be grateful for it being one of our greatest teachers.

I don’t care what anyone says. If you don’t have a healthy relationship with money, you are not a healthy person. Period.

If you don’t have a healthy relationship with money, you are not able to be the fullest expression of you, give your gifts fully in abundance, and be the relaxed, juicy, soft, receptive, energized woman that you are meant to be.

When we feel supported by money we are more open, better able to love and be of greater service.

I used to hate money. Now, I love it.  I have a very healthy, even somewhat sexy, relationship with it and feel so supported and taken care of by it.  And because of that, I am free…

Free to travel when I want to. Free to go to keep developing my land in Costa Rica for my retreats.  Free to live my life according to what really excites me.  Free to donate to causes that I am passionate about and have greater impact.  This freedom (which to me translates into more energy!) allows me to give more of myself to my patients, my clients, and the people that I love in my life.

I watch so many women struggle financially.  They are exhausted, angry and sick.  This breaks my heart because I KNOW that it doesn’t have to be this way.

So, for me it’s not just about the money.  It’s about being the best versions of ourselves and living our most ABUNDANT lives.

When we heal our relationship with money, our bodies heal, and we finally have the energy to live our big, amazing lives, in whatever way is true for us!

Ready to heal your relationship with money? I am here to assist you!