Healing Myth #4

In my 18 years of practice, I’ve seen many people that have held the belief that healing is “hard work”.

Let’s address Healing Myth #4 from Donny Epstein’s book “Healing Myths, Healing Magic” 

Healing Myth #4: Healing takes a lot of work and requires full commitment.

In Healing Myths, Healing Magic Donny shares:

Healing, in fact, is easy and effortless. Of course, if we try to use the intellect to gain control of the healing process, it does require work and full commitment. Healing does not reside in the domain of the intellect; healing is a natural and spontaneous part of life.

We need to remember that becoming ill is what really takes work. The average person spends most of her energy trying to avoid the inevitable change. Generally speaking it takes more energy to resist the changes in our life than to surrender to them. Life is meant to be fully experienced. Instead of expending our energy to resits life, we need to fully experience it.

The healing power within us knows that it wants and needs. Change naturally occurs in the bodymind as an aspect of its adaptive process. Only when we resist or fear change does a change required by our bodymind involve work for our personality. In healing the main work is to surrender the urge of our intellect to control life, and to detach from a special outcome. By surrendering to the natural rhythm and flow of life, we step into natural rhythm and flow of healing.”

I am continually inspired by the healing magic we each have within us. As we change our beliefs around Healing we can uncover the Healing Magic within.

Healing Magic Affirmation #4:
My healing is effortless and natural. My commitment to heal is a natural process requiring no work or special focus on my part. I am grateful for where I am in my healing process. I commit to my wholeness because it feels natural to do so.

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