Healing Myth #5

I invite you to take the time to read and contemplate the below excerpt from Donny Epstein’s book “Healing Myths, Healing Magic” that relates to Healing Myth #5.

This is essential to the healing journey we take in Network Care.

Healing Myth #5: Healing means becoming more balanced, comfortable, and in control of my experience.

In Healing Myths, Healing Magic Donny shares:

This healing myth could be called the “granddaddy” of many of the myths found in this book. It has its origin in outmoded views about order and chaos…

According to this old myth, success in life depends upon becoming more balanced, comfortable, and in control of our life. Small changes are acceptable and encouraged, but rapid, unpredictable changes are to be avoided and controlled. This myth encourages us to seek a life that is predictable and safe – a life in which our plans never to undergo rapid change. We are taught to insulate ourselves from feelings, experiences, situations, and events that we prefer not to have. When applied to healing, this myth suggests that chaotic events, disease symptoms, or any situation that disrupts our daily routine or plans are to be resisted, controlled, or eliminated. By adhering to this myth, we never give ourselves permission to gain the wisdom these experiences might offer.

Symptoms and disease often have their roots in old, unresolved feelings. They arise when the truth can no longer be silenced or obscured by our convenient and established story. What we resist only persists and grows stronger, until we can no longer keep these feelings contained within a particular region of the body. Disease, discord, and other chaotic events bring us the opportunity to break free of this energetic prison; we are biologically encouraged to “deal with it”.

It’s unfortunate that we may have to experience symptoms of disease to release the feelings inside us, but eventually, we will feel what we are concealing.

Healing occurs as we live our experience without labeling it as balances or unbalanced, comfortable or disturbing, and relinquish the myth that our educated mind knows more than our body’s own healing mechanisms.

Chaos and change will often redirect our journey toward greater self-discovery, broader perspectives, and the beginning of new and exciting relationships. Healing is not always what we think it is.

As we change our beliefs around what healing looks like and how it works we can uncover our innate Healing Magic within!

Healing Magic Affirmation #5:

I give thanks for the unexpected events that take me from my established course and bring new experiences, relationships, and healing. I take this moment to rejoice in the miracle of life. I trust the flow of life, wherever it takes me, and make room in my day to celebrate changes in my schedule and plans. I am nurtured by change, and embrace both chaos and order in my life.

Network Care supports you to tune into your body’s natural healing rhythms and remember that YOU are your own healer.

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