How Good Can You Let It Get?

Hello Ladies!

Ciao from Rome, Italy! What a fabulous time my daughter and I are having! On the plane ride on the way over, I watched the new Cinderella. Wow! If I wasn’t already tapped into the magical and divine unfolding of this trip before, I certainly was after watching this movie. It affected me so much that I just have to tell you all about it. 

Cinderella simply is love. She has a huge heart and is always giving to others. Her mantra is “Be courageous, be kind”. She focuses on the beauty that is always around her, even when it feels scary and dark. She is in her feminine essence and sings, dances and moves with such grace. And most importantly, she believes. She believes in a world in which people are loving and there is enough for everyone.

Because of this, she is blessed with magic. Her Fairy Godmother comes and helps her create the life of her dreams, where she is in an extraordinary relationship, and is the Queen of a people whom she takes excellent care of.

As I was watching this, I thought…”This is SO NOT a fairy tale! This is really how life works!”

0b734193-7fcd-4ff4-a5b9-151820a7f719What I have seen is that when we believe in the unlimited possibilities in life, magic happens. When we focus on all of the amazing things in our life, we get more of them. When we are kind and loving to others, we are supported in creating lives that truly light us up.

I have been doing the 15 minutes to change your life meditation (click here and scroll down under “Are you living in survival or creation mode” to read) which focuses on love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, vision, and blessing, for over 9 months now and what has happened in my life as a result is magnificent. I attract magic to me daily in the form of people, money, opportunity, support, and healing. Already on this trip, we have had so many magical experiences and I know that there are many more on the way!

As most of us do when life gets reallly good, I have been asking myself, “Can it really be this good? Will the magic run out and will I turn back into a slave girl again soon? Do I really deserve this level of happiness and freedom? Can I really relax into taking 3 weeks off and trust that by doing this I will be of higher level service and be a more open channel for money to flow endlessly and abundantly to and through me?”

And the answer I always come to is YES!! Ladies, we can make it as good as we can dream it up to be.

Why put a cap on how good it can get?

All we need is courage, kindness, and to let the magic in, as the Fairy Godmother says.

Not sure how to do this? That’s where I come in….

It wasn’t until I got the support I needed to help me clearly map out what I truly desired as far as work, money, health, and relationship, and then implementing daily systems and habits, that the magic really started to flow.

Once I committed to myself by hiring my first coach, making wealth consciousness, meditation and mindset training my job, and deciding to do whatever it took, my life changed drastically.

It was scary for me to invest in myself by hiring a coach, but I knew that something had to change and that I needed help, or I would stay stuck. Within a few months of saying YES to myself and my life, my income doubled and I felt more energized, relaxed and free in my body.

We are not meant to do this alone.

Are YOU ready to get the support that you need to turn your dreams into a reality and be more open to this magic that is always available to you?

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It’s time to claim your inner Queen and to start living your exquisite life of limitless freedom and authentic success!

Love to you,

Dr. Erin