Making dreams a reality…

Wow..feels SO good to be back in Costa Rica!!

Warm breezes, exotic flowers, the constant music of birds singing, ocean sunsets, tank tops, flip flops, papayas,….


It has been such an incredible time so far and so good to reconnect with the land here at our retreat center, Tierra Sagrada de Costa Rica. The moment I set foot on the property I could breathe more deeply and felt so deeply at peace and at home. There is so much that wants to happen here! Poco a poco (little by little) the vision is becoming a reality.

I remember about 8 years ago, being broke and sick and making the decision that my life absolutely had to change. I made a choice that I would live a life of such enormous service and freedom, traveling around the world, doing what I love more than anything…helping people be the best versions of themselves.

Now, being on this magical land, feeling so energized, alive and grateful for all the ways that I get to be of service, through my chiropractic work, my coaching work, my retreats in Costa Rica and now my amazing new business all about physical and financial freedom, which I am excited to share more about very soon!

Experiencing myself as more of the open channel for money to endlessly and abundantly move to and through than ever before feels so incredible.

Being here helps me remember that it really does start with a desire, and then making the decision to bring that desire into reality.

We are all here to live epic lives in which we feel amazing in our bodies, careers, relationships and around money!

What can you do today that will help move you closer to what you truly desire in your life?

You don’t have to wait any longer. Now is your time for extraordinary!

Are you ready to bring YOUR desires into reality?

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