Getting Started

Step 1: Contact me to book your free consultation
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Step 2: New Patient Intake Process and First Two Spinal Entrainments.

All new patients go through a two step intake process. During your first appointment you will have a consultation where we will go through your energetic life inventory and past history. Here we will get a whole picture of who you are. We will perform a physical exam and computerized posture scan and you will receive your 1st spinal entrainment (network adjustment). At the follow up visit we will discuss the results of the previous visit as well the best treatment plan for you. You will also receive a second spinal entrainment.

Each Network session lasts 15-30 minutes depending on the level of care we are working with that day. We apply gentle contacts along your spine and direct your attention and breath into certain areas of the body. After your network session you may sit and rest for a few minutes to further integrate the strategies learned in the spinal entrainment (Network adjustment).

Step 3: Introductory Workshop

As early as possible in your care, we have you attend an introductory workshop where we explain the principles of Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration. We also recommend you purchase the two books: Healing Myths, Healing Magic by Donald Epstein, and the Somato Respiratory Workbook to begin your journey with us.

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 New Patient Package
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