October Patient Appreciation Month!


I am so excited to announce another Patient Appreciation Month at Soulwave Chiropractic Studio!

For the month of October I am offering specials for both new and existing patients.

Getting the support you need to shift your perspective on how you see yourself and what is possible in life is of upmost importance.

Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration and the Reorganizational Healing that we do in the office allows you to learn new strategies to not only feel incredible in your body, but to feel incredible in your life.

New Patients

For the month of October New Patients can come into the office and find out how Network Care can help them turn their pain into progress, harness the energy needed to make the changes that they know they must make, and experience a greater level of connection, gratitude and effortlessness in giving their gifts fully.

All New Patients will receive for $69 (over $100 savings) a:

~ 15 minute free phone consultation

Two in-person appointments including:

~ Personal consultation
~ Physical exam
~ Computerized posture scan
~ First adjustment (called entrainments)
~ Follow up visit with a report of findings and second entrainment.

Current Patients

As we know regular and consistent entrainments are the key to making the greatest progress and transformation.

To support all my existing clients to invest in your health and come regularly this month I am offering one free entrainment to everyone who attends nine or more entrainments.

Come to 9 entrainments in October and you receive the 10th entrainment for free!

Refer a Friend

I am so passionate about sharing this work with our community.

Because of this I am gifting all current patients who refer a friend or family member to the office a free entrainment if they sign up for care.

Remember, you entrain to those closest to you, so share the gift of this work with those that you love!

The shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine is in relation to the shape, position, tension and tone of your life!”

The 5 Gifts of the Spine ~ Free Talk

Mark your calendars ~ October 20th at 6:30pm.

I’ll be offering a second 5 Gifts of the Spine Talk free talk to be held at Hidden Springs Wellness Center on October 20th, starting at 6:30pm.

This is great for new patients to learn more about this extraordinary care and also for existing patients to go deeper in their understand of this profound healing modality.

Join the Facebook event and let us know your coming!


Diving Deeper in Mastery

In September I attended a Master-E live event in Colorado with my mentor, Donny Epstein. With each moment my mind got blown more and more open. I realize how much more there is to know to truly becoming a master and how holding multiple perspectives is really where the magic is in life.

I also remembered that it is all about ENERGY! The way we perceive and react to something, the meaning we give things, the actions we take, the stories we tell ourselves, the functioning of our cells, and how we see reality all depends on the energy state we are in.

Are you living energy poor, energy neutral, energy rich or energy super rich? This is crucial to know to be who you want to be and to have the impact that you want to have.

Network Care helps you become more energized so you can not only feel incredible in your body, but also in your life. Research shows that those under Network Care have greater physical health, emotional health, respond to stress better, make healthier lifestyle choices and have an overall better quality of life.

Dr. Erin Pollinger at Soulwave Chiropractic is a gifted healing facilitator. I highly recommend her and the services she offers to anyone on their own healing journey. Her kind heart, encouraging words, and gentle adjustments have assisted my body in making deep, lasting changes on all levels. I noticed positive shifts after my very first session. Every time I leave her beautiful, soothing healing space I feel better. My body has been fully supported in releasing old energies I had no idea I was holding onto so tightly. What a joyful relief to feel layers of old pain peeling away so effortlessly. Results occurred more swiftly than I would have thought possible. She truly cares about every person who comes through her door, which is refreshing these days. I look forward to continuing with this powerful work, for each session brings me closer to my whole, healthy self!” Diane, Ashland , OR

I came to see Dr. Erin after I had been seeing my chiropractor for many months for my condition.  I had also tried massage and physical therapy but was still in pain..  Today I am pain free 90% of the time and I am so grateful to Dr. Erin for her personable, professional approach.  I would highly recommend NSA to anyone that feels stuck in their journey towards good health and well being.” Jan, Ashland, OR

Now is the time to get the support you need to move from an ordinary to an extraordinary life.

Look forward to seeing you this month in the office!

I believe that the greatest gift you can copy

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