Random Acts of Kindness Challenge- Month of September!

Wow! I had such a powerful dream last night…. I was out in the evening walking my dogs while the sun was setting and I could actually see the threads that connect us all. There were strings of light everywhere!! And I knew more deeply than ever that I am never alone and that who I am in the world affects every single one of us.

I woke up this morning inspired to do a 30 Random Acts of Kindness Challenge for the month of September! I am doing this within my practice, Soulwave Chiropractic Studio, and thought I’d invite you all too! Giving to others is such a huge part of health and when we make our lives about the WE, we are WEll; when we make our lives about the I, we are Ill.

What can you do today for someone else? However big or small, it doesn’t matter…. JUST DO IT!!

I am committing to 30 days of sharing and caring for others (and every day after that for that matter!) and will post my random acts of kindness every day on my business page to inspire us all to remember to keep giving!

I would LOVE to make this a community endeavor and for those of you who say YES to this to post your acts of kindness as well on my business page (You don’t have to post every day, but you can if you want….the more the better!) Let’s create an incredibly profound field of love and connection this month and forever!


Who’s with me?