Season of Awaken

Seasons of Wellbeing, Season 3: Awaken (Video)

I am so excited to continue our juicy discussion about the Seasons of Well-Being! Just as we have Seasons in nature, we have Seasons in our lives.

By becoming aware of, acknowledging and accepting the Season that we are in and then consciously bringing in more of the Season in which we need more of, we can experience limitless freedom and success in all areas of life.

It’s time to talk about the Season of Awaken!

First, let’s do a brief recap of the previous Seasons (as you read, notice which Season you are in!):

In Season of Discover we can feel hopeless, helpless, alone, unsupported or frustrated. We can feel like a victim and focus on the problem. We blame, judge and get easily triggered. We feel stuck. There is not a lot of energy here.

In Season of Transform we harness our power, passion and courage to finally make the changes that we know we must make now. We transform old patterns, thoughts and beliefs into one’s that are more serving and we will do whatever it takes to achieve success and victory. There is more energy available here to experience progress.

In Season of Awaken we experience a greater sense of being. We focus on gratitude and are in awe of the beauty that always surrounds us.

We are connected to soul and experience a greater level of grace. We know what our soul gifts are and have a burning hunger to give them in service to humanity.

Magic and miracles abound and we trust that our life is unfolding in perfect divine order.

We are able to surrender, receive and feel how effortless life can be.

There is a huge amount of energy available in Season of Awaken to be the best version of ourselves and give our gifts fully!

It is when we are able to integrate these three Seasons that it starts to get really fun and we are able to experience quantum shifts in our lives!

Watch the video below and learn more about the Season of Awaken and how to harness its gifts!

Season of Discover

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Season of Transform

Did you miss the video on the Season of Transform? Click here to watch it now.

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