Season of Awaken

Seasons of Wellbeing, Season 3: Awaken (Video)

I am so excited to continue our juicy discussion about the Seasons of Well-Being! Just as we have Seasons in nature, we have Seasons in our lives. By becoming aware of, acknowledging and accepting the Season that we… Read More

Seasons of Wellbeing, Season 2: Transform (Video)

In order to experience true progress in life we MUST be able to harness the energy of the Season of Transform! Season of Transform begins with us saying “Enough of this! I take my power back! I deserve… Read More

Are you Upper Limiting?

Last week I shared a video and talked about the Season of Discover and how when we stop and just be with the places that are harder to be with and fully accept them, incredible things happen! (click… Read More

10 Reasons Network Care will make this the Best Year Yet!

After being in practice for 17 years, I now know that when we reorganize our nervous system, the thoughts we think change, the words we say change, and our experience of ourselves and our lives is different. We… Read More

Join me in Paradise this March!

Discover, Transform and Awaken in paradise… what could be better than this?? Click here to join me for the Embodied Awakening Retreat in Costa Rica this March. Just imagine…. You, waking up, lifting your head and seeing the… Read More

The Gift of Health

Ralph Waldo Emerson said.. “The first wealth is health.” This time of year many of us are focused on preparing for the holidays and wondering what gifts we will purchase for our family and friends. What if this… Read More

The 5 Gifts of the Spine (Free Talk on Network Care)

I am excited to announce the next two talks on 5 Gifts of the Spine! I will be doing two free talks this fall on Network Care and discussing how this extraordinary healing modality can change your body and your… Read More

5 Daily Practices to create Magic & Miracles!

I believe that people love this time of year because it is associated with magic and miracles. The lights are twinkling, people are celebrating, and there is a feeling of generosity and love in the air. During my… Read More

Give the Gift of Health

During this time of year it is so important to remember how truly blessed we are. This post most likely finds you safe in a warm home with plenty of food to eat and people in your life who… Read More

Are you living energy poor or energy rich?

In September, I attended a Master-class with my mentor and Network Spinal Analysis founder, Donny Epstein. I was again reminded that true wellness is all about ENERGY! Are you living energy poor, energy neutral, energy rich or energy… Read More