Wave of Feminine Beauty

I dreamt up and co-created The Wave of Feminine Beauty Workshop in 2010.

The Wave of Feminine Beauty is such a unique and powerful experience because of the synergy of 2 extraordinary bodies of work, Network Care (Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration/12 Stages of Healing) and The Tantric Dance of Power and Pleasure.

Facilitated by myself and tantric dance teacher, Karin Pedersen, this workshop is all about unleashing the wild, powerful, passionate, creative feminine creatures that we are.

During these weekend workshops we explore what it means to move from your core as a woman and express your unique, authentic feminine essence like you have never experienced before.

We have found that in combining tantric dance with Network Care the body opens in profound ways that it does not with just one of the bodies of work alone.

Our intention for these workshops is to have our time together serve as a portal through which you come out the other side deeply and permanently changed.

If you are ready to fully be seen, experience radical self love, and learn to move through life from your most juicy and alive place, come!

This workshop is a MUST for every woman!

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming workshop, or hosting an event fill out the form below and Dr. Erin will be in touch with you.

You can also email Dr Erin at dr.erin@soulwavechiropractic.com or call 541.301.7456.

Throughout the weekend you will be:

  • discovering how your feminine core has been wounded and learning ways to be with this so that the wounding does not unconsciously run your life anymore.
  • transforming old stories and beliefs about who you are as a woman so you can start to show up in your life with more feminine power and passion.
  • awakening to the endless river of grace, beauty, effortlessness and deep connection and support that is your birthright as a feminine being, so that you can create whatever it is that you desire in your life with more energy and joy.

This discovery, transformation and awakening happens through getting spinal entrainments 3 times during the weekend, experiencing all 12 Stages of Healing, and learning the practice of Tantric Dance.

Our intention is for you to experience a quantum shift.

You will leave the workshop with tools that you will have for the rest of your life to continue nurturing and connecting with this essential part of yourself.

You will also have the experience of being witnessed in a safe container of true sisterhood, where you are seen in a way that you maybe never have been before. This is probably one of the most healing and transformative gifts that a woman can receive.

Join me for this life changing workshop!

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming workshop, or hosting an event fill out the form below and Dr. Erin will be in touch with you.

You can also email Dr Erin at dr.erin@soulwavechiropractic.com or call 541.701.9174.

This workshop is a MUST for every woman!

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What Women Are Saying

“Wow what an amazing weekend we all had.. The wave of feminine beauty rocks… I hope every woman on the planet can do this at some point!! I love working with Dr. Erin, the two of us create magic together.”
~ Karin Pedersen Co-Facilitator of The Wave of Feminine Beauty Workshop

“An amazing opportunity for any woman to know herself in a more profound way – a joyful, fun, exploration into the self through movement, entrainments, exploration, breath, and so much more – all in a safe supportive circle of women. It was life changing for me and I will do it again every chance I get!”
~ Penny

“I really wanted to experience what it would feel like to step more fully into my Goddess energy and I knew right away working with Erin and Karin would be perfect for this. I also wanted to feel my femininity and confidence as a woman while keeping my heart open. During this powerful and gentle workshop, I felt supported and safe to explore and express all of this and more.”
~ Dena

“It was a potent and transformative experience to dedicate an entire weekend to connecting with my feminine essence. I felt held and guided by the hearts and wisdom of Erin and Karin, and nourished by the sisterhood that emerged. I received many insights, keys, tools and techniques that will continue to guide my journey of awakening to my true feminine power, and bring greater balance to my body and soul. The combination of Network Chiropractic and Tantric Dance is exquisite and nothing short of magical. I experienced a profound healing liberation of an old, stuck wound in my feminine soul, and I feel a new space of deep receptivity to learning to live from a new embodiment of my divine grace and glory as an evolving woman, in touch with the sacred force within me that has the power to re-contextualize and re-orient my relationship to life. I highly recommend this workshop experience to all women that want to discover new dimensions of themselves and new ways of moving and being ~ celebrating ourselves as holy daughters of our Mother Earth!”

“The stories and the wounding take many forms, yet the contraction and the involution that disconnects us from our true Feminine Essence is the same. Thank you, Erin & Karin, for leading us so deeply & exquisitely to find our centers and the remembering of who we are. Thank you to ALL the radiant women of our sister circle who so magically shifted within.  I truly believe there is only limitless possibility in the vibration we put into motion for ourselves, our families & the world! I am forever grateful to have shared this weekend with you….and pray every woman on the planet may find her way, returning to her true Divine Self!!!”
~ Cheryl

“My instant “YES” response to the weekend was so spontaneous I did not have time to talk myself out of it– and I feel so much gratitude for the women who arrived to create a sacred circle in which we could explore our inner souls and express ourselves in the feminine. The work is powerful- the leadership of Erin and Karin is amazing and the circle is sacred.”
~ Sue 

“Such an amazing experience, more than words can express. Thank you Erin Pollinger and Karin for creating such a beautiful experience! Beautiful sisterhood, women love and so much support to break through to an amazing version of yourself. Absolutely priceless moment in my life!! Great energy and strength, I’m forever changed.”
~ Monica

“The wave of feminine beauty brought me to a place deeper than I have ever consciously been. I wished for a practice that would take me to the core of my grace, rawness and primal wisdom as a woman and this was IT. Thank you”
~ Stephanie

“This event rocked my world with lightning passion, a rejuvenating spring and the depth of my soul and cosmos and oceans I never knew could all converge. These women liberated me to truly take my power back. I was deeply held.”
~ Jasmine

“Such a Beautiful space filled with Love, Support, and Bountiful Life Living Ancient Wisdom from Erin Pollinger and Karin Pedersen, as well as the amazing circle of women who were called to come together. You all changed me, and my gratitude is beyond words. Absolutely, something every woman needs to remember and call forth from within the core of Her Being. It will transform you, those around you, and potentially the world!”
~ Cheryl

Below is a video testimonial from Peg Capers about the power and importance of the Wave of Feminine Beauty Workshop.