This is true healing…

In his book, “Healing Myths, Healing Magic”, Donny Epstein (the founder of Network Care) talks about how life is meant to be fully experienced and that this is how true healing occurs.

In “Healing Myths, Healing Magic”, Donny shares with us…

When we attempt to control our life, our body becomes inflexible, and structural impediments begin to appear. Loss of motion of the spine and joints develop as we resist the motion of life.

Tension builds up in our bodymind, and inhibits the circulation of fluids in the body and the natural rhythm and function of our organs.

The body then devotes its energy toward building rigid muscular walls and energetic blocks that ultimately lead to physical pain. Emotional distress is also associated with energy that is blocked in an area of the body.

Healing is natural and spontaneous, but an inability to experience our body with confidence and trust can hinder the healing process. Our body attempts to heal itself by releasing what it no longer needs – physically, chemically, emotionally, or energetically – but our intellect tries to resist or stop this process.

We are able to renew and reorganize automatically and effortlessly, but this process can be upsetting to our personality.

Healing may require us to say things we don’t like to say, hear things we haven’t heard before, feel things we don’t usually feel, and deal with things we have always resisted.

If we judge our symptoms as “bad” or “wrong” this also requires a tremendous investment of energy.

Network Care helps the nervous system reorganize at such a high level so that optimal life force can flow through your body and you can have the energy you need to fully acknowledge and accept your body’s process, say what you need to say, feel what you need to feel and make the change you have resisted for so long.

This is when true healing takes place.

The work we do together allows you to learn new strategies to not only feel energized in your body, but to feel energized in your life so that you can experience it fully as the best version of YOU!

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The shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine is in relation to the shape, position, tension and tone of your life!” Donny Epstein