Womb Breath Meditation (Audio)

I am excited to be sharing one of my favorite practices with you!

This practice has been pivotal in helping me move in my life from a deeper place of relaxation, trust and energy.

Most women don’t even know they have a womb, much less are connected to it.

I do this meditation at the beginning of most days and find that it helps me move through the day with greater ease and more productivity, and I feel sexy, alive and beautiful while I am creating the life of my dreams. And, I am more open to receiving all of the abundance that life has to offer.

You will not be the same woman after practicing this transformative meditation.

Listen to the Guided Meditation below.

Womb Breath Meditation ~ Audio

Womb Breath Meditation ~ PDF

Receive the Meditation as a PDF by clicking here.

Most women are not connected to this space of infinite power and pleasure.

When we are connected to our wombs…

~ We are relaxed.
~ We trust.
~ We feel infinitely creative and powerful.
~ We are connected to our pleasure.
~ We feel radiant and energized.
~ We feel supported by the Earth and the Universe.
~ We are connected to our inner wisdom.

Download the Meditation as a PDF here.

I see this as an essential practice for all women.

When we are connected to our wombs and move from this place we are unwavering in our presence and able to stay relaxed and open, even when we are in the eye of the storm.

As women we hold so much.

We do it all. We are the cooks, the cleaners, the gardeners, the moms, the business owners, the caretakers…and the list goes on. So many woman move from their heads and run around frantically, trying to hold it together and get it all done. Sound familiar?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?
Are you feeling alone and unsupported?
Do you feel a lack of energy, time, money or love?

How would it feel to be connected to a place inside of yourself that would fuel you with endless energy, support, power and pleasure?

Practice this meditation daily and watch your life change!

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