What is Reorganizational Healing?

Most health care today is restorative, which means that the goal is to restore the person to where they were before the pain, symptom or disease started, by getting rid of the issue, so they can go back to living the same life they were living before.

The goal of Reorganizational Healing (ROH) is to help you gain the wisdom from your pain, symptom or disease which you can then use to grow and expand into living an extraordinary life.

Through Reorganizational Healing, we give you concrete tools to discover what your symptoms are telling you, transform whatever it is that is keeping you stuck and awaken to a life of passion and freedom!

Reorganizational Healing consists of 6 parts (read about these here), all of which play a significant role in the amazing results that people experience on and off of the table.

My goal for you is to be living a life of passion and freedom… one in which you have resources and tools that help you acknowledge where you are and then choose where you know you must be. The pain or symptom is just what gets you through the door so that you and your life can change in ways you had no idea were possible.

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