Womb Connecting Breath Stretch Meditation

This practice has been pivotal in helping me connect with my feminine essence and move in my life from a deeper place of relaxation, trust and connection. So many women are disconnected from their womb and centers. Most actually have no idea that they even have this place within them! It is not until I started to deeply explore and learn about this place that my life started to drastically change.

~ Put on some soft, mellow music (I love to do this to the album Devotion by Rasa)

~ Sit on 2 pillows; straddling the pillows with your feet behind you (it is easier to rock your pelvis this way). Or cross legged if that is easier.

~ Put your hands on your womb and begin breathing in and out of your belly.

~ As you breathe in rock your belly forward and as you breathe out rock your belly back towards you. Keep your attention in your womb.

~ After a few minutes, start circling your pelvis one way for a few minutes and then the other way.

~ Do this for a few minutes and then begin to let you arms move if they want to.

~ If you want to stand up and move, go for it. Just make sure that your pelvis is always moving and is the source for all other movement.

I do this at the beginning of most days and find that it helps me move through the day with greater ease and more productivity, and I feel sexy, alive and beautiful while I am creating the life of my dreams. And, I am more open to receiving all of the abundance that life has to offer.