Soulwave Chiropractic

“To anyone seeking relief from pain and ready to make huge breakthru’s in their life – I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Erin Pollinger and Soulwave Network Chiropractic. Working with her has changed my life! After having chronic pain in my sacrum for over 10 years and trying so many things to no avail, it has been working with her that has not only brought me huge release and transformation in my body, but also has helped me make massive beneficial life changes as I re-organize and re-program my nervous system and posture! Honestly, this is the best investment I have ever made in my own well being!”
~ Eden

“I started Network Care because I was unable to work and nearly unable to function. I was experiencing severe and debilitating pain in my neck, left arm and hand. After exams by several specialists, which included x-rays, MRI’s, and nerve conductivity tests, I was diagnosed with severe herniation of the C-6 disc in my neck and surgery was recommended. After a month of care by Dr. Erin, I experienced an incredible reduction in pain and immobility and truly felt I was healing and normal functioning resumed. A second MRI was taken after just over 2 months of care and it indicated no abnormality. This diagnosis was certainly confirmed by my well- being, both physical and emotional. I am grateful!”
~ Greg

“Network Care is a subtle system that delivers concrete results! My first big surprise was that my body began enjoying pain free days. And now it is pain free most of the time. Pretty good for 80 years old! I am always grateful to be able to come in for “balancing” of my body on a regular basis. Learning how to breathe fully during times of stress allows me to recover rapidly and come back into a state of balance. Also, I have surprised myself with a self adjustment by breathing and moving my body in a gentle way. As time went on, very old patterns of grief and fear surfaced during sessions, which I was able then to release and allow to pass away. Rather than tensing up after an emotional trauma, I have learned to breathe through it and come back into balance. Then I begin to think clearly. I now have a tool when I find myself under stress. Now the fullness of life’s energy (or chi or spirit) is likely to surface during an entrainment and I experience pure JOY! I leave the room with a sense of gratitude as the life force fills me with peace and a sense of well being!”
~ Miriam

Ultimate Alignment Coaching

“I am so grateful that I found Dr. Erin. I made my first appointment to heal pain in my shoulders and neck from a car accident. I didn’t understand at all the work that she does and I had no idea what was in store for me. I was in a place in my life where I was very disconnected from my body; I was drinking and smoking frequently, eating fried foods and not taking care of my body at all. I was very depressed and dealing with high anxiety every day. I was very stuck in my head and thinking angry and fearful thoughts that were ruling my life. I felt completely stuck and hopeless, was uncomfortable in my body and self-love was something I had forgotten.

I have been seeing Erin for over a year now and my life has changed in more ways than I could ever imagine. I don’t drink or smoke at all anymore. I have easily transitioned into healthy eating habits and the anxiety that used to be with me all of the time is almost completely gone. I feel incredible in my body now and actually love myself on a deep level. My relationship with money has changed greatly. I used to have a constant underlying anxiety about money and a feeling of unworthiness. Through working with Dr. Erin I have released most of my tension and fear around money and as a result have been making more of it!

I have witnessed my whole life change around me and walk with so much grace and ease. Every week I am feeling more and more free! Thank you, Dr. Erin!”
~ Greta 

“My work with Erin has been completely life changing. Through her modules, recommended reading, and deep presence Erin has supported me in launching a business that I absolutely love. Erin helped me get really clear on my passion and life’s work and was a fierce advocate in encouraging me to stay connected to my TRUTH. Her wisdom, guidance, and support helped me shift many life perceptions and habits of mind that were not serving me and I now feel in Ultimate Alignment.”
~ Meredith

“I went from a confused and insecure girl to an empowered and independent woman through my work with Erin. I had some ideas of the services and gifts that I want to offer to the world, but I didn’t know how to manifest and present them in a way that feels authentic and stress-free to me. Erin helped me get REALLY clear about what my gifts are, and was there with me through the emotional and mental roller coasters as I build my business. Furthermore, Erin worked with me to move through my financial insecurity, and I finally feel like I have a positive relationship with money that allows me to enjoy life more. Her motherly presence and guidance shifted my body and mind from survivor mode into a woman who is more connected to her body than ever.”
~ Elaine

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power & The Wave of Feminine Beauty

“An amazing opportunity for any woman to know herself in a more profound way – a joyful, fun, exploration into the self through movement, entrainments, exploration, breath, and so much more – all in a safe supportive circle of women. It was life changing for me and I will do it again every chance I get!”
~ Penny

“Such a Beautiful space filled with Love, Support, and Bountiful Life Living Ancient Wisdom from Erin Pollinger and Karin Pedersen, as well as the amazing circle of women who were called to come together. You all changed me, and my gratitude is beyond words. Absolutely, something every woman needs to remember and call forth from within the core of Her Being. It will transform you, those around you, and potentially the world!”
~ Cheryl Berry

“Such an amazing experience, more than words can express. Thank you Erin Pollinger and Karin for creating such a beautiful experience! Beautiful sisterhood, women love and so much support to break through to an amazing version of yourself. Absolutely priceless moment in my life!! Great energy and strength, I’m forever changed.”
~ Monica Audley

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Retreats in Costa Rica

I loved the combination of yoga and network and how you two worked together! The land was so amazing to be on. I loved the network entrainments and Somatic Respiratory Integration. I loved the tantric dance. I loved the sunrise rituals. The retreat was amazing!
~ Peg Capers, Network Chiropractor, Santa Cruz, California

“The ability of Erin’s network care to realign, reconnect and rejuvenate was wonderful. The tantric dance was an opportunity to move from our grounded center. Chanti’s understanding of the human systems and ability to communicate all that you know was spectacular. You midwifed a new and old birth experience for me. Between the two of you there was so much support and fuel for our growth and expansion. Thank you!”
~ Lauren Lind, Artist, Ashland, Oregon

“Outstanding retreat! The location, housing, logistics, structure and food were all excellent. All of my needs were easily met. The retreat was beyond my expectations. Both of you are masterful in your modalities and so beautifully articulate. It was fun, profoundly healing, joy-filled, energetic, sweet, flexible, and deeply gentle. Ken, Erin’s father and host, was an unexpected bonus! I really enjoyed the size of our group, your leadership, timelines and flexibility. The rhythm was perfect for me. A balance of breathing in and out. I felt deeply cared for, honored, loved and seen for who I am. I adore and love you both. Thank you for being you.”
~ Julia Frankel, Coach, Santa Cruz, California