For Network Care

Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins was about to have another back surgery when he discovered Network Care: “I am stronger, more inspired, creative, and healthy because of this work. It has personally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”
~ Anthony Robbins, World’s #1 Authority on Peak Performance

Candace Pert
Candace Pert recommends Network Care in her book Molecules of Emotion: “Network Spinal Analysis represents the epitome of body work; it is at the leading of body/mind/spirit integration. This work will transform the planet.”
~ Candace Pert. Ph. D., Nobel Laureate,
Professor of Research and Brain Biochemistry at Georgetown University

Deepak Chopra
“Dr. Epstein (founder of NSA care) inspires us to trust the healing powers within”

~ Deepak Chopra MD, World renowned expert on natural healing

For Dr. Erin & Soulwave Chiropractic

“I absolutely recommend working with Dr. Erin Pollinger! After more than 10 years of chronic pain and trying all kinds of modalities to no avail – I finally feel truly on my healing path. I cannot say enough good things to describe the positive results I am receiving – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Not only is she helping me re-organize my posture and therefore all the patterns and pain, I have been ecstatic to find out how holistic this treatment truly is. Since entering under her care, I have felt a very noticeable shift in my nervous system. Recently I had a life-changing experience thanks to Dr. Erin: In my relationship, I was faced with a huge trigger of my deepest core wound. In the middle of the experience, I found my body no longer wanted to resonate with the stuck, contracted fear, regardless of how many years it had been familiar. My body wanted to let go and choose the higher road of liberation. I felt a courage and a willingness that was completely new. With that, I was able to experience freedom from a fear that had held me hostage for as long as I can remember. Since that experience a few months ago, the liberation has deepened and deepened. I never dreamed this would be possible to follow my body’s lead in letting go of such deep-seated fear, and embrace a whole new world of who I can be now, set free… Truly an amazing, empowering gift I have received from this powerful healing work!

To anyone seeking relief from pain and ready to make huge breakthru’s in their life – I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Erin Pollinger and Soulwave Chiropractic. Working with her has changed my life! It has been working with her that has not only brought me huge release and transformation in my body, but also has helped me make massive beneficial life changes as I re-organize and re-program my nervous system and posture! Honestly, this is the best investment I have ever made in my own well being!”

~ Eden

“I started Network Care because I was unable to work and nearly unable to function.  I was experiencing severe and debilitating pain in my neck, left arm and hand.  After exams by several specialists, which included x-rays, MRI’s, and nerve conductivity tests, I was diagnosed with severe herniation of the C-6 disc in my neck and surgery was recommended.  After a month of care by Dr. Erin, I experienced an incredible reduction in pain and immobility and truly felt I was healing and normal functioning resumed.  A second MRI was taken after just over 2 months of care and it indicated to abnormality.  This diagnosis was certainly confirmed by my well- being, both physical and emotional. I am grateful!”
~ Greg

“I have been seeing Dr. Pollinger for entrainment for several months and have experienced profound physical and psychological changes including the resolution of chronic hip pain and anxiety.

I have been experiencing some huge transitions having recently completed my education. I had been struggling with making clear decisions on which path I should take and what I should do for work. After weeks of struggling to make a clear decision that felt “right”, I participated in one private coaching session with Erin. I left that session feeling inspired and with a clear idea of what I wanted. I went home and wrote down on paper the exact amount of money I wanted to make, the type of work I wanted to do, and what Steps I would take to achieve those goals.

I began doing the daily meditations she shared with me and I kid you not, within a week I found and was offered my dream job. The kicker is that it pays exactly what I had written down as my long term dream income! I am so grateful to work with this amazing woman! If you are ready for your life to change, I encourage you to book an appointment with her!”
~ Jennifer

“Recently I told a friend I was going to see my chiropractor.  She asked me if I was going for my back.  The question surprised me because I realized that although I had started seeing Dr. Erin for my neck, it quickly evolved into something more.  I had always realized that there was an emotional component to my neck pain that originated from a car accident 20+ years ago; I was somehow afraid to let the muscles relax so I felt tense and anxious all the time.  With the help of Dr. Erin and Network Care I started to relax in no time at all.  I have found that Network Care is exactly what I need.  It allows old emotional issues to come up without alot of angst.  I recall and feel past traumas, but in a safe zone where they just seem to pass through and resolve almost without effort on my part. I’ve had some fairly major traumas and losses in the last few years, the kind of thing that used to cause panic attacks and stop me from moving forward at all, and while I am able to feel sad and grieve, the feelings integrate and pass through much more easily than before I began Network Care.  The initial 3 times a week was very helpful to set the process in motion.  My once a week maintenance program now seems to be enough to handle any issues that come up during the week.  I rarely have free floating anxiety and fears anymore and for that I am eternally grateful!  Thank you Dr. Erin!”
~ Brenda

“NSA has changed my life. I highly recommend Erin Pollinger and Soulwave Chiropractic Studio. I find it a gentle yet extremely powerful modality of healing and integration. I have never encountered anything quite like it. Over the past five years I have had close to a hundred sessions with Erin, every one of them being a valuable step along my path of healing.”
~ Stephen

“Network Care is a subtle system that delivers concrete results!  My first big surprise was that my body began enjoying pain free days.  And now it is pain free most of the time.  Pretty good for 80 years old!  I am always grateful to be able to come in for “balancing” of my body on a regular basis.  Learning how to breathe fully during times of stress allows me to recover rapidly and come back into a state of balance. Also, I have surprised myself with a self adjustment by breathing and moving my body in a gentle way.  As time went on, very old patterns of grief and fear surfaced during sessions, which I was able then to release and allow to pass away.  Rather than tensing up after an emotional trauma, I have learned to breathe through it and come back into balance.  Then I begin to think clearly.  I now have a tool when I find myself under stress.  Now the fullness of life’s energy (or chi or spirit) is likely to surface during an entrainment and I experience pure JOY!  I leave the room with a sense of gratitude as the life force fills me with peace and a sense of well being!”
~ Miriam

“After years of dealing with chronic low back trouble, I was fortunate to discover Erin’s healing touch. She is the only chiropractor I’ve found locally (and I’ve tried several) who can relieve the pain. But — more importantly — she not only focuses on providing immediate relief, but desires to find the root cause(s), so that I can learn to do the work myself. She has a holistic healing approach, not a simplistic and, ultimately, unsatisfying back-cracking mentality. Thank you Erin!”
~ Russell

“I have been seeing Dr. Erin for years now, and I’m thrilled at the changes in my body and my life as a result of her top-notch care. She is a master at what she does, and she does it with compassion and presence and love. Every time I leave her office I feel lighter, more relaxed, and more able to cope with the daily stresses in my life. I feel blessed to have found a method and a doctor that can help me move through old patterns of holding and tension in my body so that I can live more freely into the life that I really want to create here. I highly recommend Dr. Erin!”
~ Jasmine

I arrived at your table emotionally broken and depleted of energy. I was so skeptical but desperate and hopeful. Thank you for your encouragement and your gentle yet strong presence. You have helped shift my life significantly and I am ever so grateful. Thank you.
~ Jen

 “I am so grateful to have found Network Chiropractic and Dr. Erin! Her guidance, dedication, love, passion, and grace are such a blessing to us all. It is amazing to have my life back! I am no longer in a toxic relationship and have the awareness to not fall into another. I have a new career and am in school in order to own my own business and give my gifts to the world. I have the strength in my body back, from being so stuck and in so much pain to being free. I am running again, lifting weights, embracing yoga and meditation with such passion- they will both be part of my life forever. She has guided and supported me to be me, to embrace who I am, love myself and be authentic, truly diving deep inside myself and setting myself free. I am so very grateful!
~ Monica

“I love the way I feel when I leave Dr. Erin’s office after receiving a NSA chiropractic adjustment! I feel taller, more open, and its like I stand up straighter ready to face the world. I’ve actually had to adjust my rearview mirror before I drove away because I was sitting much taller and straighter than before i went in for my appointment. Erin has a contagious zest for life and she only wants the best for her clients. Her chiropractic gifts are remarkable and I love being on the receiving end of her nurturing touch!”
~ Megan

“I’ve been Erin’s client for many years. She is a skilled caregiver and has been (and continues to be) a wonderful chiropractor. My time in network care has given me greater physical freedom and a higher awareness of my energy state. Besides which, it’s a delight!”

~ Lauren

“I started receiving Network Chiropractic Care at around 7 weeks of pregnancy, due to a traumatic car accident which occurred prior to me being pregnant. My neck and back were extremely weighed down with the healing of my recent injuries, while working on this new life. However, I am so glad to have discovered such a gently remarkable system for helping my body repair itself, with the loving guidance of Dr. Erin in every entrainment session. I highly recommend Dr. Erin, not only for those suffering any aliments to the body, mind, spirit… but to every pregnant women! I am happily pain free and extremely excited to give birth to a baby with a new body and much more positive outlook on life!!”
~ Brittany

“As a 65 year old former contractor, years of injuries had left me with severe and persistent back pain. To top it off, recently I developed pain in both of my hips. Between the back and hip pain, I was getting in and out of my car like a 90 year old. I read about Dr. Erin and made an appointment to see her. When I first met her, I was really impressed by her energy and passion. She is like a human glow stick! My approach was as an open-minded skeptic because I wasn’t sure that a light touch approach would work. My skepticism was unfounded. After just 4 visits, 75% of my pain was gone and my body was functional again. After 1 month, the hip pain was completely gone. At the 2 month mark, I am riding an exercise bike for 30 minutes a day. Dr. Erin is able to generate a computerized posture report from photos taken of my body. Comparing results from the beginning to the 2 month mark shows a measurable improvement in my posture and an ongoing straightening of my body structure. The results are so exciting that I have made an open ended commitment to see just how far her techniques can improve my body and life. I can’t wait to see where I am at the 6 month and 1 year mark.”
~ Thomas

”Dr. Pollinger came highly recommended to me when I moved to the area in 2012. I was initially motivated to start with Dr. Pollinger due to neck pain. Pain is a great motivator. Now with my pain a distant memory, I recognize that joy is a great motivator too! I continue to see Dr. Pollinger. My joy and health grows greater each time I see her! Dr. Pollinger’s care is exemplary!”
~ Summer

“Network Care is unlike any other work I’ve tried in that it has addressed the emotional component as much as the physical.  I can actually feel my nervous system calming down after each session and stored patterns being released.  I am grateful to Dr. Erin for her gifted ability and compassion and for the difference this is making in my body and life! “
~ Holiana