About Soulwave Chiropractic

Wow! What a journey from where I was to where I am now!

When I was 19, I was living with bad back pain, irregular menstrual cycles and was getting sick all the time. I was making terrible choices and was spending time with people who were bringing me down. I felt disconnected from my emotions, from my joy and from a greater purpose in my life. I knew that something had to change.

This is when I found my first Network Chiropractor. After a few months of seeing him regularly I noticed that I felt so much more connected to my body. I no longer had back pain and my menstrual cycles were regular again. Often on the table I would spontaneously start crying or feeling rage after which I would feel such a sense of deep peace.

I felt so much more alive and grateful!

I started making better choices in my life and spending time with people that lifted me up and inspired me.

This work changed my life so profoundly that I knew that this was how I was going to serve. I enrolled in Chiropractic school that fall at Life Chiropractic College West and graduated when I was 24, in 1999.

I then covered a very successful practice in Emeryville, California for a year, after which I moved up to Ashland, Oregon to work at Hidden Springs Wellness Center where I worked for the next 12 years.

I opened Soulwave Chiropractic Studio in May of 2013.