Events & Retreats

Explore. Transform. Awaken!

Explore the power of coming together in community deepen your transformation and awakening! The intention of my live events and retreats is to create a safe container in which people can come together and experience deeper healing and growth. In this modern world in which technology is becoming the main way of connecting, it is so important to remember the power of community and the depth of transformation that can only happen in the group setting. All of my events and retreats are designed to be containers where quantum shift can occur so you can go back into your life more aligned and energized to give your gifts and experience your full potential!

Events & Retreats

Tantric Dance of Feminine Power

This powerful practice is a MUST for all women who desire to move in the world from their center and feminine place of power, create their lives with more effortlessness and energy, and experience themselves as the radiant and juicy women that they are. Learn more >>>

Costa Rica Retreats

These retreats take place on my land in Costa Rica and are incredibly powerful adventures during which participants experience the power of healing in community combined with the magic of nature. They are for people who are ready to be more divinely activated to contribute their gifts to the world. Learn more >>>