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Welcome to The Freedom Community. This is a place where you can feel supported to reclaim your most energized relationship with your body, money and life itself!

In October 2016, I was introduced to PrimeMyBody, a company that is on the cutting edge of health, wellness and wealth creation. PrimeMyBody’s mission is to help people feel more energy and life through our Hemp Extract, as well as our unparalleled business opportunity. I am currently the 3rd top earner and Black Diamond in our company. I created The Freedom Community to support my team in achieving their health and wealth goals within PrimeMyBody. We have thousands of affiliates on our team and are continually expanding to include new team members from both within the USA and internationally. I am excited to have you join us on this life changing journey!

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Wellness Products & Wealth Creation

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Extract

I am blown away by the results people are experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually… and then with our business model, financially as well. I am calling our Hemp Extract, “Chiropractic in a bottle”, because of how it brings the body into greater balance so that we can show up as the best version of ourselves.
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The Freedom Community

Join a community of inspired individuals who are changing the world! Whether you join as a customer who takes the hemp extract or choose to be an affiliate taking advantage of this unparalleled business opportunity, being part of The Freedom Community will provide you with the opportunity to have more energy and freedom in your body and your life than ever before.
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Dr. Erin receiving an excellence award from the PrimeMyBody leadership team.
Dr. Erin presenting at the PrimeMyBody Design Your Life Conference.