Introducing my New Book

I’ve got some big news that I am so excited to share with you…

My new book “Network Marketing Queen” comes out on January 28th!

2 years ago, I started asking what my next step was as far as giving my gifts and being of greater service. When my dear friend messaged me, telling me that he had just finished his first book and that it was time to write mine, I KNEW that this was the next step!

So, last January I began the process and now it’s ready to launch!! Eeeeeeekk!!

This book is all about supporting YOU to create massive success by owning your feminine power.

It’s time for us women to stop trying to build businesses from the push and hustle, and do it in a whole new way… one in which we feel relaxed, magnetic, in the flow and on fire!!

I’ve been asked so many times, “How did you create such a wildly successful network marketing business in less than 2 years with no previous experience?

Well, the book is about how I did it and, more importantly, how you can too. And, it’s definitely NOT what you think it will be about.

Writing this book has been both exhilarating and challenging, inspiring, and frustrating.

Some days I’ve felt like giving up, afraid that it wasn’t good enough or that it wouldn’t have the impact I desired… and some days I’ve been so giddy with excitement that I am taking this next big step that I could barely contain myself! It’s been a mixed bag of all kinds of feelings and emotions. But… here we go!

It’s time to release it into the world. No more playing small…

I didn’t need to write this book at this time in my life…my business is booming, my Freedom Community is on fire, every day I work with women to help them transform their lives, I’m developing my retreat center in Costa Rica and will start hosting events there next year, AND I’m traveling the world doing what I love.

The idea of writing a book amidst all of this at times felt like it was more than I could manage, and there were many moments when I thought to myself, AM I CRAZY?

But something inside of me was calling me to keep saying yes to this. I felt like I was meant to write this book, not just for me to express some of these powerful core truths that have changed my life, but for the many women who will read it and receive inspiration and guidance from it.

I feel like this book is part of my bigger mission here and it was something I JUST HAD TO DO.

At one point, I was broke and suffering. Today I’m living a life of freedom, travel, service, and contribution, while building community and creating a legacy.

Now, I want to help you reinvigorate your sense of connection and community by tapping into your source of internal support.

In Network Marketing Queen, I will assist you to become aware of any disconnect in your life, show you how to reclaim your pleasure and power by connecting to your wombspace, and walk you through daily practices that will help cultivate this vital relationship. 

Through my story and the stories of other successful women, you will learn how to be the Queen of your life and business.

And… on January 28th you’ll be able to get your very own copy. I’m excited, thrilled and over the moon!

I look forward to sharing this very special piece of myself with you.

To your limitless life,
Dr. Erin ❤️