Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

We’ve all done it. We think of a person—maybe a friend we grew up with, a celebrity we admire, perhaps someone we currently are in business with—and wonder how the heck has that person found success and fruitfulness? If you haven’t heard it before, let me be the one to tell you. Many (okay most) successful entrepreneurs are not randomly chosen by a higher power or natural force. There are critical traits that form the foundations for growing success. These traits and practices are learned. They are nurtured. And each is practiced daily.

In unison with one another, each characteristic amplifies the next in cohesive unity. They are shared responsibilities that anyone can harmonize. When these sensations of success percolate daily, they course through the body and mind, opening the gateways for abundance to flow through.  

Let’s take a look at the traits and characteristics that great success arises from.

A Mindset of Growth

There comes a time in the life of virtually every successful entrepreneur when once a fragile asset evolves into an unyielding, unstoppable resource and ally. It doesn’t come overnight. It certainly takes attention, training, and care. But when a fixed mindset—that believes circumstance and abilities cannot be changed—blossoms into one of growth and malleability, there is a  turning point after which dreams and possibilities can mature into reality.

A mindset of positivity and intention is the ultimate resource for success. Remember, your mindset does not own you. It is your tool. And its usefulness as a resource of strength is well within your power. A mindset of yes and resiliency plays a key role in overcoming hesitancy and doubt, moving past failure and setback, and tempering distraction and interference.

How do you make that shift to a consistent mindset of growth? First, is making a commitment to opening your perspective to what is possible. Don’t narrow your abilities. Don’t corral your expectations. Don’t limit your possibilities. Whether writing them down or taking a daily mental note, visualize what success looks like, feels like, smells like to you. What do you want to accomplish? With freedom of time and finances, what would you like to obtain that will enrich your life and the lives of those in your circle and tribe? Identifying these goals, that define your individual success, is a building block for the actions that will help you achieve them.

An open mindset needs to be fed daily. You should reinforce your belief system through each season of well-being. There are many helpful habits and rituals you can practice daily that stoke the fires of a constantly burning mindset of growth. Meditation guides growth. Dedication to constructive learning opens new avenues of understanding. Communication with mentors and peers is a breeding ground for creative and insightful strategy and action.

To tap into resources that will help sustain a mindset of growth visit (resource link).

Time Management

You know why business leaders and the wealthy don’t watch much TV or get caught up on Facebook or YouTube? It’s not that they don’t find it entertaining, but because they are authentically engaged in growing their businesses and careers. Passionate about growth, successful entrepreneurs know their time is best spent being of service to their business, teams, affiliates, customers, and prospects.

The commitment to success in and of itself becomes the platform of entertainment and joy. It becomes fun wrapped in challenge. It becomes exhilarating, to the point where you may have to set a timer to shut down and tune into your personal life and inner circles.

You want to know the true beauty of pouring your heart, time, and precious energy into this business, your business? It’s having the ability to make a colossal difference in the lives of the people and communities you plug into and serve. Your sacrifices are bringing others a physical, emotional, financial and spiritual rejuvenation. Your support and actions—via calls, texts, face-to-face meetings, and planning—become the source from which others will find joy, relief, and perhaps their own awakening.

Don’t procrastinate. Don’t hide from the attention your business deserves. Like mindset, the success of your business can be controlled and your dedication to it is key.

Wealth Consciousness

In line with a mindset of growth is wealth consciousness. Your relationship and communication with money has as much to do with your individual business success as it does with the training, preparation, and business structures you are constructing.

Whether it’s enough to pay the bills or the wildest amount of money you could imagine, we are all responsible how small or big we think.  Doing the work to prep the mind and belief system to be able to receive financial freedom is a daily practice. Money is nothing more than energy,  and you must attract money as much as you are attracted to it.

How do you create that attraction? First, you have to quit being scared of it. You have to stop ignoring it. Changing your money story lies in changing the way you think about it. Through communication with money, you align your frequency with its energy so you can best be prepared to receive, accept, and appreciate its blessing.

One of my strongest suggestions to create a consciousness of wealth is to practice a daily money meditation. There are many out there to choose from. If you’d like to follow my daily money meditation visit (link to meditation).

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