The Gift of Health

Ralph Waldo Emerson said.. β€œThe first wealth is health.”

This time of year many of us are focused on preparing for the holidays and wondering what gifts we will purchase for our family and friends. What if this year you gave those you love β€œThe Gift of Health”?  One of the greatest gifts we can give the people closest to us is to support them in their health and wellness!

For the month of December, I am offering a holiday special; for $47 and 3 cans of food you can purchase a gift certificate for a loved one and they receive their first 2 visits as a gift from you! (valued at $175)

The first 2 visits include:
~ a personal consultation
~ a computerized posture scan
~ a physical exam
~ a first gentle adjustment  (spinal entrainment)
~ a follow up visit with a report of findings and second spinal entrainment

Every year I offer this holiday special as a way to raise money (and food) for the Dunn House. It is so important to remember how truly blessed we are. This email most likely finds you safe in a warm home with plenty of food to eat and people in your life who love you. This, unfortunately, is not the case for so many.

The Dunn House is a safe house for battered women and children in Medford, Oregon. This place is such an amazing resource for our community and is somewhere that these women and children can go to be safe, warm, nourished and cared for. 

ALL of your money and the 3 cans of food go directly to the Dunn House to support those in need.

This holiday special allows you to give the gift of health to a family member or friend and introduce them to this life changing healing modality, while supporting a wonderful cause here in our community.

And, if you are not yet under care, you can use this gift for yourself!

Please call me at 541-701-9174, or contact me here to purchase your gift certificate and give in more ways than one!


Gift of Health Holiday Special for Existing Patients

This month I am also offering a Gift of Health Special for all existing patients!

Come into the office for 8 or more sessions this month and your name will go into a raffle to receive a free spinal entrainment. I will do the drawing in early January and then be in touch with the winner.

It is easy during this holiday season to get busy and forget to take care of ourselves. This is an important time to keep up with our work together so you can move through the holidays with energy and ease!

I look forward to seeing you all in the office this week!

Schedule your spinal entrainments here.

In Health & Service,
Dr. Erin

P.S ~ I will be in the office all of December to support you to stay healthy and energized through this holiday season.