UAC Breakthrough Session

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

This private 1:1 coaching session is for women who want to experience a powerful life changing hour focused on a specific challenge they are facing in life.  This is the first step to saying yes to living your life in Ultimate Alignment.

What an incredibly powerful session this was! Just when I needed a miracle, Dr. Erin opened the floodgates. She helped me get clear about a big desire around my business, and literally the next day, it happened! Through working with the old beliefs that were limiting me, there was more space and energy available to manifest what before I didn’t think was possible. She lovingly and fiercely supported me to get clear, take my power back and say yes to myself! I feel so much more able to release what no longer serves me and be open to gracefully receiving. My body feels light and filled with an inner lifting presence. I am better than I was before.
~ Keval

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