90 Days to Ultimate Alignment

The 90 Days to Ultimate Alignment Program is for women who want to be on the fast track to freedom – physically, financially, and in all areas of life. It is a container in which there is opportunity to create a life in which your deepest desires are brought to life and you are giving your unique gifts more fully than ever before.
Take the leap and join me for a free discovery call!

Explore how you can make the change in your life that you are so ready for! This call is a free private 1:1 session where we dive into where you are in your life and what is needed to make the change you are desiring. We look at what you are needing right now to make a change in your body and your life and how I can assist you!

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During the 90 Day Program we address:

1. Pain to Progress

Throughout the 90 days, you will be listening deeply to your pain and finally hear the great wisdom that it has to share with you.

Through the work that we do together you will:

Discover the ways you have been stuck & what must happen NOW for you to claim the life you were born for.
  • Transform your pain into passion and energy so that you can make the changes you know you need to make NOW.
  • Awaken to the unique gifts that ONLY you can give & get clear on your purpose and how to bring that into the world.
  • Feel more ease, freedom and flexibility in your body than ever before.
2. Clarity and Connection

We must know what we truly desire to be able to create it! Throughout the 90 days we will be helping you get crystal clear on what your goals are physically, financially, and for bringing your passion out into the world.

Through our work you will:

  • Gain clarity on what you are MOST passionate about and how you can create meaningful work in the world involving this passion.
  • Connect to the ways in which you need support and learn how to start delegating.
  • Access connection to a higher power that will allow you to create from a more surrendered and graceful place.
  • Experience greater connection to the juicy, open woman that you are and be able to create from this place.
3. Wealth Consciousness

To truly be free we must have a certain level of intimacy with money. 

Throughout the 90 days we will be transforming old beliefs around money that no longer serve you into one’s that support you in living the life you desire.

During this time you will:

  • Release money blocks and open yourself up to receive the wealth you desire by doing what you love.
  • Create a financially free mindset that allows you to feel completely supported by money.
  • Replace fear & doubt around money into excitement and confidence that there is more than enough money for you.
  • Replace old patterns of negative language with conscious language that will change your life immediately.
  • Learn the tools which helped me triple my income in less than 6 months.

This Program Includes:

  • A comprehensive welcome and prep packet: get clear on your desires, shift your mindset
  • A 60 min. skype session (or in person for locals) each week
  • Modules that will help you go deeper into the exploration of YOU between sessions
  • Personalized email support to get your questions answered between calls
This program is for you if you are ready to claim your life like never before.

90 Days to Ultimate Alignment is an in-depth journey that will rock your world and help unlock that wild, free, alive, relaxed, abundant, supported Queen that has been caged up for way too long. This is the beginning of a life long love affair with yourself and your life.

An impeccable container will be set for you to make radical and massive change. It is not an option to look back. This is not some group program that you begin with gusto and fizzle half way through. This is one on one accountability, support and guidance from someone who has been where you are and is where you want to be.

I am here to support you, are you ready?

Join me for a Discovery Call

This call is a complimentary, life changing 1:1 session where we dive into where you are in your life and what is needed to make the change you are desiring. We look at what it will take for you to feel more freedom in all areas of your life.

You will discover how I can assist you to make the breakthroughs that you must make at this time in order to live your most extraordinary life!

During this session we will discuss where you are, where you want to be and what it will take to get you there.
You will receive:

Ready to have a body, bank account and life that you love?

I get it . . .You are tired and in pain and have been wishing to have the money to take that trip to Hawaii for way too long. Deep down you know this is not how life is meant to be lived. You know that you are powerful, have amazing gifts to give and that things must change, now.

The work we do together through the Ultimate Alignment Coaching Program is here to assist you to make the change you are so ready for, starting now!

As a doctor, I am deeply committed to women’s health & transformation. In working with women for the last 16 years I have seen that many women today are in physical pain, are disconnected from their passion and purpose, are tired of doing it all alone and lack the money they need to live the life they desire. Seeing women move from survival mode into living lives of freedom, physically and financially, is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of my life.

If you are ready to make the change from an ordinary to an extraordinary life..I am here to support you!

What women are saying about this Program:

My work with Erin has been completely life changing. Through her modules, recommended reading, and deep presence Erin has supported me in launching a business that I absolutely love. Erin helped me get really clear on my passion and life’s work and was a fierce advocate in encouraging me to stay connected to my TRUTH. Her wisdom, guidance, and support helped me shift many life perceptions and habits of mind that were not serving me and I now feel in Ultimate Alignment.”
~ Meredith, Yoga Teacher

I am so grateful that I found Dr. Erin. I made my first appointment to heal pain in my shoulders and neck from a car accident. I didn’t understand at all the work that she does and I had no idea what was in store for me.  I was in a place in my life where I was very disconnected from my body; I was drinking and smoking frequently, eating fried foods and not taking care of my body at all. I was very depressed and dealing with high anxiety every day. I was very stuck in my head and thinking angry and fearful thoughts that were ruling my life. I felt completely stuck and hopeless, was uncomfortable in my body and self-love was something I had forgotten.

I have been seeing Erin for over a year now and my life has changed in more ways than I could ever imagine. I don’t drink or smoke at all anymore. I have easily transitioned into healthy eating habits and the anxiety that used to be with me all of the time is almost completely gone. I feel incredible in my body now and actually love myself on a deep level. My relationship with money has changed greatly. I used to have a constant underlying anxiety about money and a feeling of unworthiness. Through working with Dr. Erin I have released most of my tension and fear around money and as a result have been making more of it!

I have witnessed my whole life change around me and walk with so much grace and ease. Every week I am feeling more and more free! Thank you, Dr. Erin!
~ Greta