Healing Myth #2

Last month we began looking at the “Healing Myths” that can limit our natural healing abilities and how we can reprogram our thoughts to harness the “Healing Magic” always available to us.

Today I want to share with you Healing Myth #2 from Donny Epstein’s book “Healing Myths, Healing Magic”.

Healing Myth #2: Healing is not always available.

In Healing Myths, Healing Magic Donny shares:
“The Truth is that healing is always available. While it may be true that the particular doctor, therapist, or treatment we want may not be available, this has little to do with whether healing is available to us. Illness is due to a lack of wholeness and inner harmony in our bodymind. Healing means becoming more whole. It means getting in touch with the energy and information within our bodymind that has been separated, isolated, abused, shamed or denied. Healing includes eliminating some of the physical, emotional, and chemical stresses that have not been dealt with previously. It also includes becoming more compassionate and accepting of ourselves, and calls for recognizing the greatness within us. There are many ways to heal ourselves, and most of them are free.” 

Donny encourages us to change our stories around healing and uncover our innate Healing Magic by using this affirmation: 

“Healing is always available to me. The door is wide open for healing to occur in this instant and in the instants to follow. I may choose to be assisted by a health practitioner, or I can initiate the healing process by breathing more fully, touching my body, and allowing it to move freely and express what was formerly repressed. By doing so, my own healing rhythms are set free.”

We each have the innate ability to heal within us! Network Care supports you to tap into this innate healing power so that YOU can be your own healer. This is one of the things that makes Network Care is so revolutionary.

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The shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine is in relation to the shape, position, tension and tone of your life!” Donny Epstein