Healing Myth #7

Let’s look at Healing Myth #7 from Donny Epstein’s book “Healing Myths, Healing Magic”.

I invite you to take the time to read and contemplate the below excerpt. This understanding is a powerful part of the healing journey!

Healing Myth #7: Someone else has to have healed from this disease before I can do it.

In Healing Myths, Healing Magic Donny shares:

“Given the current myths of mainstream medicine, prognoses are often made considering the condition, not the person. Someone had to be first in every arena. Passing down the same road that others have traveled certainly gives us a greater feeling of ease: however, new roads to healing can always be paved.

Our state of health is the result of a multitude of contributing factors. Emotional issues, how we deal with stress, the existence of a personal support system, and adequate nutrition and expertise all have a powerful impact on healing.

It’s important to remember that although two people may be diagnosed with the same disease and appear to have much in common, they may have traveled down very different paths to produce their illness. In addition, these people may need to explore different avenues of healing with radically different scenarios on their way to wholeness. Another person may have the same or similar condition or prognosis, but this doesn’t mean that her treatment or outcome will be the same as ours.

The condition may or may not be curable, but the person can always heal. The power of life flows freely through the body unless it is blocked by a physical obstruction or by the conscious, thinking mind. The power of life flows more freely within the person whose story or myth gives it permission to flow.”

As we change our beliefs around what healing looks like and how it works we can uncover our innate Healing Magic within!

Healing Magic Affirmation #7:

I am a powerful, creative, and evolving being. The power of life that creates and sustains me knows precisely how to heal me. I give my physiology permission to allow this power to flow through me and to heal me. It is okay for me to be the first to have healed in this way. My healing inspires countless others to trust the healing power within.

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