My LA Photo Shoot!

Yep…I did that…

I recently had a photo shoot while I was in LA.

And holy moly WOW… what a portal it was.

Dr. Erin's Photo Shoot in LA

My coach had been trying to get me to do this level of photo shoot for over a year and I kept not understanding why it was important or why it mattered.

Even up until the moment of the shoot, tremendous resistance reared its head through me not feeling well the days before the shoot, causing me to almost back out.

What are you resisting right now that if you were to step through could change your life?

This practice will help you move through this block with greater ease and grace!

So I arrived in LA and was picked up by my new stylist, Sybil Henry. (Yes, I now have a stylist on my team!)

We went back to my hotel and tried on clothes, accessories, and shoes for 4 hours straight until we nailed what I would wear during the shoot the next day.

She kept assuring me that this was going to be an incredible experience, which I still was not convinced about.

At 8am the next day, the women who did hair, makeup and nails arrived at my hotel room ready to go. I sat in a chair and just had to surrender to this process. I was being taken on a journey.

I felt somewhere between wanting to vomit and wanting to cry the whole time they were having their way with me.

When I finally looked in the mirror I was shocked and horrified at what I had transformed into. All I wanted was to run away and get my hands, that were now compromised with fake nails, back into the dirt in my garden. This so didn’t feel like me at all…

I fussed and fought it and wanted them to take off the makeup and change my hair, and my team just kept saying “Trust us. Trust us.”

Finally, I did. I relaxed into letting myself be carried by them.

What I know is that you have to step outside of your comfort zone to create your dreams!

I got to the studio where the shoot was and was greeted by the extraordinary Starla Fortunato, the photographer. I loved her immediately. Her no bullshit way of being, combined with such a big loving heart, felt perfect. I was in good hands. She had 2 assistants there with her also.

Dr. Erin's LA Photo Shoot

I looked around and realized… this is all for me. All of these people were there in service to me and my mission in the world.

They kept bringing me back to my purpose and how I am here to serve.

Do you have a desire to be of service and have a positive impact while living a life of Health and Wealth?

Join myself and a community of inspired individuals who are changing the world!

The shoot was 6 hours long and every step of the way they were all supporting me to shine and loved me through this portal into my next level of being.

This shoot changed me profoundly. I got to feel the part of myself that truly is a Queen in a way that I never had before.

The part that is the 7 figure, elegant, powerful, supported, bad ass, sexy, bold, relaxed woman who owns her feminine power in a fierce way. The part that is willing to show up in her beauty and be visible so that she can have greater impact and change more lives.

It didn’t take long for me to get in the groove and love being in front of the camera. I am naturally a bit shy and definitely not comfortable being the center of attention in this way. But, I was willing to get uncomfortable and say hello to the part of myself who actually totally loves being center stage, owning my magnetism and radiance.

This part has so clearly been neglected and swept under the rug for too long. I reclaimed her that day and got a piece of me back.

My Womb Connecting Meditation practice helped me stay relaxed, surrender to the process and get in touch with my magnetic feminine essence so this could come through in the photos!

I feel like every woman should go through this experience at least once. Being seen and supported like this is important and it matters.

Thank you to my incredible team for all your support, love and helping me see ME with new eyes.

I can’t wait to see how this all translates into my life.. and to see the photos and share them with you!!

What dreams are you putting on pause?

What part of you are you hiding from?

What steps can you take today to move forward towards what lights you up while making a positive impact in the world?

If I can make this change, so can you!