My LA Photo Shoot!

Yep…I did that… I recently had a photo shoot while I was in LA. And holy moly WOW… what a portal it was.

This is a gamechanger…

One of the most life-changing things I share with the women I work with is the importance of cultivating a relationship with your Womb. My clients have been asking me for this powerful meditation for YEARS because of the immediate results and massive momentum it creates!!

A year of infinite possibilities!

At the start of this New Year, what is your BIG VISION for your life of infinite possibilities?

10 Tips for an incredible holiday season…

As the holidays are upon us and things can get a bit more full in many ways, it is so important to stay energized, grounded and relaxed. I have discovered that doing the following things in my life… Read More

Are you taking exquisite care of yourself?

My definition of a truly relaxed and successful woman is one who takes exquisite care of herself. As women, we do so much in our lives. We are mothers, wives, lovers, and have jobs and careers. We can… Read More

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Is there an area of your life where you feel blocked or stuck? Do you feel like this story keeps playing itself over and over like a broken record? Do you find yourself spinning in circles, trying to… Read More