Network Marketing Women Leaders

These Women Are Changing the World!

Recently, I was invited to speak at the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing event in Las Vegas. It was incredible!

It was such an honor to get to speak about something that I am SO passionate about… women building their businesses like women, without burnout and push and from a place of pleasure and power. Because let’s be real…why would we do it any other way?

One of the things I shared about was the importance of cultivating a relationship with your Womb. This part of yourself is crucial if you want to build a massively successful business with energy and attraction.

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The women at this event rocked me in the most profound way. Women that came from nothing and are now making millions* because they fiercely reclaimed their power and said yes.

All of these women have a story.

Some have been abused. Some have dealt with depression and self-loathing. Some have been or are suffering from an illness or disease. Some have had no idea how they were going to put food on the table for their children. Some have felt so alone in their lives and have thought that not being here would be better than continuing to go on. Some have felt so invisible and unseen that they might as well not exist. Some have felt such a deep sense of unworthiness that they have settled for much less than they deserve. Some have experienced such tragic loss of people they love, homes, or jobs and are starting over from scratch.

But I can tell you this…
ALL of these women are rising.

They are saying “No more!” and “I deserve more than this!”. They are taking their power back and transforming their wounds into their greatest gifts. They are showing up. They are committed to being women that they are proud of… women that make an impact and serve the world at a high level. They have made the decision that this is their time and the world better watch out because they are now fully here and ready to bring it like never before.

And, I get the incredible honor and pleasure of having them on my team as part of this extraordinary Freedom Community that we are creating… lifting each other up, having each other’s backs and doing it TOGETHER.

Thank you to all of my Freedom Community sisters who joined me for this event!

This experience reminded me again of how important it is to come together to support and inspire each other and remember that this is about being part of something that is so much bigger than ourselves.

We can BE who we want. We can DO what we want. And we can HAVE what we want. Your dreams and desires matter. Let’s make them come true together!

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The Freedom Community is a growing circle of individuals who are committed to being of service to others and supporting people to be free in their bodies and lives.

We are committed to showing up as the best versions of ourselves on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial level.

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