How Do You Wake Up?

When you wake up in the morning do you feel energized and grateful that you are living the life of your dreams? Do you feel inspired to give your gifts in service to humanity?  Are you ready to do whatever it takes to make the changes in your life that you are so ready to make and release the patterns that no longer serve you?  Or do you feel tired and worn out, lacking excitement for the day ahead?  Do you feel burdened by stress, stuck and unable to move forward in your life?
When we have trauma that is stored in our bodies our posture goes into one of defense, or fight or flight.  Life then becomes about survival.   Most people are functioning at high level of tension and have this defensive physiology.  This not only leads to pain and physical dysfunction, but it creates an energy of being stuck in your life, inability to make healthy choices and have passion for life.  We feel disconnected, exhausted and see the coming day as something just to make it through.
At Soulwave Chiropractic Studio we teach the body evolved strategies to transform old trauma and tension into energy.  As a result, the posture effortlessly shifts into one of ease and the brain is activated in a new way.   We then not only experience more ease in our physical bodies, but we are also more inspired to make the changes that will support us in living the life of our dreams.  We are more emotionally available and connected, are able to experience passion for life and be confident and empowered.  The armoring that has been weighing us down and is destabalized and we are able to wake up feeling excited for life and the endless possibilities that it holds.   We are more able to drop into feelings of gratitude, compassion and joy and have a greater sense of being while we are doing.  We see life and all that it brings as an opportunity instead of a problem and look forward to the day ahead.   Are you ready to wake up in this way?  If so, come see us at Soulwave Chiropractic Studio.  We are honored and excited to serve you!


Are You Tired of Being Stuck?

Does it ever feel like you are living in that movie “Groundhog Day”, where you wake up and have to live the same day over and over?  Do you feel stuck in your body- unable to shift the pain or tension that you feel?  Are you stuck financially- unable to move forward and create your dream career?  Are you stuck emotionally- unable to feel and embrace those emotions that create momentum, help you take your power back and finally make the changes that you are so ready for?
So many of us feel trapped in a life that is less than our deepest hearts desire and feel powerless to do anything about it.   When you  have past and present physical, emotional and chemical trauma stored in your body, your posture goes into one of defense and your nervous system is operating in survival mode only.  You are then less able to dream out of the box and see the limitless possibilities that life has to offer.  You are less able to effectively unwind tension and feel those emotions that create action and the ability to make positive change in your life.  You remain stuck in your body, in your life and cannot move forward.
This is exhausting!!  It actually takes way more energy to stay stuck than it does to take action and create your most amazing life.  At Soulwave Chiropractic, we teach the body how to transform the old physical, emotional and chemical trauma into energy so it is available for you to finally step up and break out of the box you have been living in and say “Enough of this!”. Through Network Care the defensive posturing becomes one of ease, activating the parts of the brain that help you make healthy choices and live your life in an empowered and passionate way.  AND… as a result pain goes away, and you feel more free and flexible in your body then ever before.  Most people think, “once I am out of pain I will make the change I know I need to make”.  Not true!!  If you make the change, your body will respond, as pain is always the messenger reminding you that you are ready to play more full out in life.
At the last Network training I was at, my teacher asked us the question: “Are you the hero in your life and in the lives of those around you?”  Such a great question.   In my opinion, we should never settle for anything less….


What People Are Saying!

Dr. Erin Pollinger at Soulwave Chiropractic is a gifted healing facilitator. I highly recommend her and the services she offers to anyone on their own healing journey. Her kind heart, encouraging words, and gentle adjustments have assisted my body in making deep, lasting changes on all levels. I noticed positive shifts after my very first session. Every time I leave her beautiful, soothing healing space I feel better. My body has been fully supported in releasing old energies I had no idea I was holding onto so tightly. What a joyful relief to feel layers of old pain peeling away so effortlessly. Results occurred more swiftly than I would have thought possible. She truly cares about every person who comes through her door, which is refreshing these days. I look forward to continuing with this powerful work, for each session brings me closer to my whole, healthy self!

Diane Nichols, Ashland , OR

“I love, as in LOVE Network Chiropractic.It is a gyroscopic quantum upleveling of body wisdom and chiropractic care. Treatments are subtle, facilitating ease and empowerment at every level of my being. My body, mind and emotions now naturally, intelligently align with healthful balance. Dr. Erin is a gift to our community. A highly skilled professional; warm, compassionate and a pleasure to work with. I recommend SoulWave Chiropractic to everyone who is seeking transformation to a new way of being.”

Shanandara, Ashland, OR

Receiving Network Chiropractic care from Dr. Erin has been pivotal in helping me clear emotional and energetic blocks throughout my awakening/spiritual growth process.  It is truly amazing the way Dr. Erin helps me release and clear old patterns from my system, patterns that I used to think were part of “me.”  What a beautiful, refreshing experience to have old sadness and pain transform into fresh new energy!  In addition to this energetic clearing, Dr. Erin’s Network care has also helped my physical body become more healthy, trim, and all the old pain in my back is now gone.
I am profoundly blessed to have been working with Erin for so many years; having her here in this valley is a true gift to those of us lucky enough to know her.

Liz Churchill, Ashland, OR

In doing Network Chiropractic with Dr. Erin we have a greater sense of ease in our bodies. We’re both able to do things now that in the past would have given us trouble – back problems, etc. The areas of tension in our necks, shoulders, upper and lower back, are gone and we are more supple and aligned. We can’t recommend Dr. Erin enough. She’s a Godsend and an angel. The initial investment of time and money are a great investment toward one’s health and well-being.”

JB & DB, Ashland, OR

I came to see Dr. Erin after I had been seeing my chiropractor for many months for my condition.  I had also tried massage and physical therapy but was still in pain..  Today I am pain free 90% of the time and I am so grateful to Dr. Erin for her personable, professional approach.  I would highly recommend NSA to anyone that feels stuck in their journey towards good health and well being.

 Jan Brown, Ashland, OR



What Season Are You In?

Just as we have seasons in nature, we have seasons in our lives.
At Soulwave Chiropractic Studio we offer Network Care, which consists of Network Spinal Analysis and The 12 Stages of Healing.  Within the 12 Stages there are 4 Seasons and as you progress through Network Care you move through these Seasons. In which Season do you spend the most time(be honest!) and in which Season do you want to spend more time in?
Season of Discover- in this Season, we feel hopeless, disconnected, and like nothing is working.  We may feel like we will always be alone and have to do it ourselves. We tend to blame others for our circumstance, experience judgement, and get easily triggered. We want to magic genie to come along and get rid of our pain and symptoms and fix us. We feel stuck in our bodies and in our lives and are frustrated that we have tried so hard but have not made the breakthroughs yet.
Season of Transform- in this Season we may experience anger at first and say “enough of this!”. We harness our power, passion and courage to say “I deserve more than this!” We realize that we have created stories and rules for ourselves that may not be true and are ready to do whatever it takes to finally unhook from the old thoughts, patterns, behaviors, and ways of being that no longer serve us. We understand that symptoms and pain are our bodies way of saying that we must do something different, now!
Season of Awaken- in the beginning we may experience a sense of emptiness, but we trust it and know it is where we need to be.  We are acutely aware of our connection with others and feel gratitude for all of the beauty in life.  We know what our gifts are and have a deep desire to give these gifts in service of humanity.  There is a sense of effortlessness in life and it is easy to drop into “being” rather than “doing.” We understand that everything in our lives is a blessing and that we are each others medicine.
Season of Integrate- in this Season we understand how to weave the energies of the first 3 Seasons.  We may be in intense suffering and grateful at the same time and know that this too is a gift.  We are able to bring more “being” into our busy lives of “doing” and be productive with more effortlessness.  We have an awareness and ability to access the energy from other Seasons, which creates more freedom in our lives.
When we have tension and trauma in our bodies it is harder to access the Season or Seasons that we want to spend more time in.  Network Care helps you connect to your body,  transform trauma into energy,  and experience all of the Seasons so that you have a choice about which Season you want to be living from!


Did You Know?

Did You Know…
-that the founder of Chiropractic, D.D. Palmer was a magnetic healer who said that his purpose for starting the chiropractic profession was “to unite man the physical to man the spiritual”?
-that Chiropractic is more about healing the nervous system, which is your brain, spinal cord and all the nerves that connect to every muscle, organ and tissue, than it is about putting bones back into place?
-that Reorganizational Healing helps you move way beyond where you were before the pain or symptom.  Most healing is Restorative, meaning the goal is to get you back to where you were before the pain or symptom.
– that through Network Spinal Analysis your spine can actually learn how to self adjust and self correct in response to stress?
– that old physical, emotional, and chemical traumas can be transformed into energy that can then be used for healing and evolution?
– that the greater you were wounded in life, the bigger the gifts that you have to give are?
– that changing the shape, position, tension and tone of your spine changes the shape, position, tension and tone of your life?
– that when our nervous system is healthy and free of tension we can make the changes in our lives that we know we need to make EFFORTLESSLY?
-that all physical symtoms are messangers saying “Stop! Pay Attention! Do Something Different!” Symptoms often hang around until we truly make the change  that we know we need to make. If we look at symptoms as inconvenient obstacles that need to be eliminated, they will often stay the same or get worse.  What we resist persists.
-that healing does not always mean feeling better.  We are healing when we can feel what we could not feel before and acknowledge and accept those parts of ourselves.
-that when our nervous systems reorganize, our posture changes, which changes the ideas and stories about who we are in the world and helps us live according to our deepest soul’s purpose, rather than what we have learned from our cultural conditioning?


What Stage of Healing Are You In?

In my practice I use 2 main methods of healing.  Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration, or 12 Stages of Healing.
12 Stages of Healing, is a process using focused touch, breath, movement, and attention to gain the wisdom from parts of our bodies that have been alienated, abused, or denied.   When we can truly become aware, acknowledge and accept the particular stage we are in, that stage no longer runs us subconsciously, affecting our lives in a negative way.  There is so much beauty and magic and really being present to the Stage of Healing you are in so that you can receive the medicine of that Stage.
Stage 1: Suffering  –  In this stage we feel like it is never going to end, like nothing is working, that it is hopeless, and that we are disconnected.
Stage 2:  Polarities and Rhythms – In this stage we get triggered often, blaming and judging others, and want to be fixed.
Stage 3: Stuck in a Perspective – In this stage we start to take responsibility and are aware that we are stuck in our bodies, our emotions and our lives.
Stage 4: Taking Our Power Back – In this stage we say “Enough of this!” and take our power and passion back so we can stop playing small in life.
Stage 5: Merging with the Illusion – In this stage we see how we have created stories and rules about ourselves and life that may not be true.  We begin to ask  “What is my next step?”
Stage 6: Preparation for Resolution – In this stage we are so ready to make a change in our lives that we know we need to make and will do anything to make that change come about.
Stage 7: Resolution – In this stage we release old patterns, thoughts, and behaviors that we know are not serving us any longer.
Stage 8: Emptiness – In this stage we may feel vulnerable or lonely or in a place of deep transition, but there is a deep trust and a feeling of rightness to it.
Stage 9: Light Beyond the Form – In this stage we are aware of our energetic connection to all things and we are filled with gratitude and awe.
Stage 10: Ascending – In this stage we are aware that there is no separation and that we are all one and we experience profound love.
Stage 11: Descending –  In this stage we discover our true soul’s purpose and have to live giving our gifts in service to others.
Stage 12: Community – In this stage we understand that everything is divine and a blessing and that we are each others medicine.


Ego vs. Soul: A Transformational Gate Experience

I just got back from my 13th Transformational Gate….    Wow….    How do you even begin to put into words how incredible these weekends are?  The way that they work is so mysterious and magical. First, let me fill you in a bit on the journey I have been on.  Right after the father of my daughter and I split up (over 9 years ago), I began having symptoms that I never had before. My skin, which was always so clear, began to break out and my digestion started having issues.  I initially was completely focused on getting rid of these symptoms as I could absolutely not accept them.  I tried every herb, diet, ceremony, healing modality and mantra out there and  was hoping that all of these things were going to fix me.  I quickly realized that I was living in the Season Of Discover, which involves suffering, blame and being stuck.  So, for the next years I vowed to take my power back and do whatever it took to use my symptoms as a guide in my life, and to motivate me to make the changes that I really needed to make.  After all, this is what I teach all of you- that symptoms always means that we need to make a shift or change in some way to move to the next level of amazingness in our lives.  Over these years I have made leaps and bounds in my life.  I am such a healthier, happier woman who is more connected and excited about life then ever before.  I have the practice of my dreams, an incredible relationship with my daughter, a beautiful home, an amazing community of friends and family, and am standing strong on my own, knowing for the first time in my life that I will not settle for anything less than an extraordinary relationship with whomever my life partner may be. And throughout the years my symptoms have gotten worse at times and better at times. But I was aware that when they flared up I was being asked to yet again make a different choice in some area of my life that would better support me in being who I am here to be. So it is the week before the Gate and my symptoms are almost all gone. I was feeling so grateful for all the lessons and wisdom of these symptoms that helped me get to this place of peace.  And then out of nowhere, the day of the Gate….BOOM!  All my symptoms reappeared.  And I’m thinking “OK God, what now? Haven’t I done enough already?”  All of this fear, self doubt and self judgement was up and here I was again, in absolute suffering.  I felt completely unlovable and invisible and here I was at the Gate with my teacher and colleages and wanted to be my best, most bright self.  At the Gate, the tables are set up in a big circle and there are about 10 practitioners entraining 4 or 5 people at a time- so that is around 50 people being entrained at once.  And my teacher and the founder of the work, Donny, is moving around the room and entraining people when he feels called to do so.  The field of energy that this creates is truly incredible.  People are crying, laughing, screaming, writhing in ecstasy and feeling the deepest depths of their suffering.  Anything goes and all is welcome.  Participants receive 6 entrainments throughout the weekend, and in between entrainments there are SRI classes.  So, I am on the table of one of my favorite chiropractors and mentors, Judy, for my second entrainment, and I am telling her how I am having a hard time and don’t know what to do, when she looks at me and says “Erin, you are being called to wake up.  These symptoms are teaching you that it is time to stop moving from ego and start moving from soul, and they will persist until you can fully accept them and yourself exactly as you are.  Stop trying to do something about it.”  It was huge.  Over the next hours I really thought about this and realized that in my life I created a story that I had to be beautiful to receive love, and that if my physical form was less than perfect I would be alone.  I had been so scared to fully accept my symptoms because I equated that with isolation.  Another deeper layer of the wisdom of the symptoms was surfacing, and I was getting clear that my life now needs to be about knowing myself more as an embodied soul then a physical body. Of course I have talked about this concept and have played with the idea of it, but know I know with absolute certainty that it is time to live it.   I am being called to love and accept myself  radically, symptoms and all.  And to let my soul light shine no matter what, because the planet deserves that…. I deserve that.  So I decide to go see Judy again for the last entrainment, and as I am patiently waiting for her to come over to me, Donny steps in and says “May I have this last dance?”.  Yes, please, Yes.  And he gives me an entrainment like never before and I am crying and laughing at the same time, my whole body filled with white light and I feel the immense gratitude for this life and all the challenges and all the beauty, and know without a shadow of a doubt that I am love and am connected to the whole universe. What a beautiful thing… and I enjoyed this state of amazing grace for a whole 2 hours until the next layer of suffering came up.  Ah, to be human….  It is a hard, painful, effortless, beautiful, dark, colorful, connected, light, joyful, sad and divine existence that is at this present moment all ok with me.  I know myself better after this weekend and the path ahead is more illuminated and clear than ever before.  I am grateful.


New Location…


After 12 amazing years at HIdden Springs Wellness Center, I am moving my practice into my back studio! My new practice name is Soulwave Chiropractic Studio and my new number is 541-701-9174. My website soulwavechiropractic.com will be up in about a week. I am so excited for this new phase and more committed to this work than ever! Call me and come get entrained in my new space which will open on April 29th!


New Website!

We are so excited to announce we have a new website!


Please check it out and enjoy, and take not of the new online scheduling and payment options.