Making dreams a reality…

Wow..feels SO good to be back in Costa Rica!! Warm breezes, exotic flowers, the constant music of birds singing, ocean sunsets, tank tops, flip flops, papayas,…. Yummmmmm!! It has been such an incredible time so far and so… Read More

Is your body begging you for a new money story?

In my¬†last post I shared a video where I discussed the Season of Transform¬†(click here to watch the video). In order to experience true progress in life we MUST be able to harness the energy of the Season… Read More

Money Mantra

I choose to easily attract to me a minimum of X dollars each month, by (specific date). I will do this by (write down how you will make this money. Be specific!). The purpose for this money is… Read More

3 Keys to Ultimate Alignment

Are you ready to feel amazing in your body and make more money, doing what you love?