Introducing my New Book

I’ve got some big news that I am so excited to share with you…

My new book “Network Marketing Queen” comes out on January 28th!

2 years ago, I started asking what my next step was as far as giving my gifts and being of greater service. When my dear friend messaged me, telling me that he had just finished his first book and that it was time to write mine, I KNEW that this was the next step!

So, last January I began the process and now it’s ready to launch!! Eeeeeeekk!!

This book is all about supporting YOU to create massive success by owning your feminine power.

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Dreams really do become reality!

I recently visited my retreat center in Costa Rica and saw my new home here for the first time!!

I remember stepping onto this land when it was just a bunch of overgrown weeds. I had a vision and had no idea how it would happen, because I didn’t have the money and the land wasn’t even for sale, but I made the decision that it would.

3 years later and this!

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My LA Photo Shoot!

Yep…I did that…

I recently had a photo shoot while I was in LA.

And holy moly WOW… what a portal it was.

Dr. Erin's Photo Shoot in LA

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This is a gamechanger…

One of the most life-changing things I share with the women I work with is the importance of cultivating a relationship with your Womb. 

This part of yourself is crucial to connect with if you want to build a massively successful business that supports your BIG VISION, all with ease, energy, and attraction. 

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Network Marketing Women Leaders

These Women Are Changing the World!

Recently, I was invited to speak at the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing event in Las Vegas. It was incredible!

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