April is Patient Appreciation Month!

April is Patient Appreciation Month at Soulwave Chiropractic Studio! During the month of April I am offering specials for both new and existing patients. Getting the support you need to shift your perspective on how you see yourself… Read More

3 Keys to Living in Ultimate Alignment

This post is for all my Soulwave and UAC Ladies!! Are you tired of feeling stuck in your body, your bank account and your life? Having been a single mother for many years, I KNOW what it is… Read More

5 Daily Practices to create Magic & Miracles!

I believe that people love this time of year because it is associated with magic and miracles. The lights are twinkling, people are celebrating, and there is a feeling of generosity and love in the air. During my… Read More

Womb Connecting Breath Stretch Meditation

This practice has been pivotal in helping me connect with my feminine essence and move in my life from a deeper place of relaxation, trust and connection. So many women are disconnected from their womb and centers. Most… Read More

Money Mantra

I choose to easily attract to me a minimum of X dollars each month, by (specific date). I will do this by (write down how you will make this money. Be specific!). The purpose for this money is… Read More

EVERY Woman Needs to Have This Experience!!

This post is for all my ladies! Ok, I am going to be blunt here. If you have not done this workshop yet, you need to. After co-leading The Wave of Feminine Beauty over 10 times now, I… Read More

Give the Gift of Health

During this time of year it is so important to remember how truly blessed we are. This post most likely finds you safe in a warm home with plenty of food to eat and people in your life who… Read More

Are you living energy poor or energy rich?

In September, I attended a Master-class with my mentor and Network Spinal Analysis founder, Donny Epstein. I was again reminded that true wellness is all about ENERGY! Are you living energy poor, energy neutral, energy rich or energy… Read More

What is Reorganizational Healing?

“Healing has little to do with the removal of symptoms. Rather, it is an intimate and integrative process that encompasses every aspect of our being.” Donny M Epstein (from the book, The 12 Stages of Healing) In “The… Read More

The Purpose of Pain

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of pain is? My mentor and teacher Donny Epstein talks alot about the purpose of pain. The purpose of pain is this… Simply, pain interrupts the life we are living so that… Read More