How would you feel if…

One of the main things I work on with my clients is supporting them to do what they love. Why? Because so many women are settling for careers, relationships and lives that they don’t even like, let alone love!… Read More

Healing Myth #4

In my 18 years of practice, I’ve seen many people that have held the belief that healing is “hard work”. Let’s address Healing Myth #4 from Donny Epstein’s book “Healing Myths, Healing Magic”  Healing Myth #4: Healing takes… Read More

Our bodies have such deep wisdom

I often discuss how your pain has a purpose and the moment you really get this, your life will change. I recently shared an exercise to help you learn to be with your pain in a new way…. Read More

When you get this your life will change!

I know that you have heard me talk over and over again about how important it is to be with your pain. Pain is ALWAYS a wake up call that we need to stop, pay attention and do… Read More

Healing Myth #3

Healing Myth #3

Last week we looked at Healing Myth #2 and shifting our belief from “Healing is not always available” to “Healing is always available to me”.    Today let’s address Healing Myth #3 from Donny Epstein’s book “Healing Myths, Healing Magic”…. Read More

The 5 Gifts of the Spine (May 22)

I am excited to announce the next 5 Gifts of the Spine Talk! I absolutely love doing these talks and getting the opportunity to talk more deeply to you about how Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration… Read More

May is Patient Appreciation Month!

May is Patient Appreciation Month at Soulwave Chiropractic Studio with specials for both new and existing patients. Patient Appreciation Month is a great way for new patients to experience this extraordinary care and for existing patients to have the chance to receive… Read More

Join the Wave of the Wild, Wise, Woman this May!!

I am so excited to be co-facilitating The Wave of the Wild. Wise. Woman. coming up in May!! Click here to learn more. As most of you know, I have huge passion for supporting women to move from… Read More

Making dreams a reality…

Wow..feels SO good to be back in Costa Rica!! Warm breezes, exotic flowers, the constant music of birds singing, ocean sunsets, tank tops, flip flops, papayas,…. Yummmmmm!! It has been such an incredible time so far and so… Read More

This is crucial for success & freedom…

If I could download one key for success and freedom, it would be what I am sharing here… We must know how to live from the Season of Integrate if we want limitless success and freedom. Becoming aware… Read More